बैज्ञानिककाे गलत प्रयाेगले मानिस राक्षस बने | 28 days later | Hollywood movie explain in Nepali

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Movie Explained in Nepali
28 Days Later, a comic sequel also linking Days and Weeks and produced by Fox Atomic (until its demise) and Boom! Studios began production in 2009. The series focuses on Selena and answers questions about her in the film and her sequel whereabouts.

फिल्मी कथा, जहाँ हलिउड चलचित्रकाे कथा (नेपालीमा) बताइन्छ,
र याे हाे एक मात्र हेर्ने कथा, फिल्मी कथा ।
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