BACK IN THE GAME BABY! (Squid Game Episode 2 Reaction)

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What’s good peeps. Today I sit down and check out the critically acclaimed summer blockbuster of the decade, SQUID GAME EPISODE 2. Be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to help out the channel! If you have any suggestions on movies, tv shows, or videos we should check out drop them in the comments!



24 thoughts on “BACK IN THE GAME BABY! (Squid Game Episode 2 Reaction)”

  1. Hey! really great reaction, i really like your style. I was wondering if you have any like advice or like tips & tricks for a newbie reactor such as myself starting out. Thank you and keep up the hard work ❤

  2. 6 billion won is around $5 million dollars! Remember that the US dollar is worth more than the Korean won, so the conversion rate isn’t exact 💰 Sangwoo is still in hella amounts of debt, but at least it’s not 6 billion dollars worth lol

  3. I mean, it's sad he wasnt there when his daughter was born but it's really fucked up to see someone you worked with and was friends with die right in front of you. Its a heavy situation and I see both sides of things


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