Back Into The Game? – Squid Game Episode 2 Reaction

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0:00 Intro
2:25 Squid Game Episode 2
23:50 Discussion and Review

Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

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40 thoughts on “Back Into The Game? – Squid Game Episode 2 Reaction”

  1. Episode is called "Hell" because we see that the world outside of the game is actually Hell compared to playing the game. Also it looks like you guys are watching the [English] (closed caption) subs, and I would recommend switching to the plain [English] subs. Not only are the translations generally much better than the closed captioning, but also things like "[Player 1]" aren't there so you don't get spoiled in certain situations.

  2. In future some horror many people gonna like it ..BTW there is a new anime the horror one just released. The first episode is so good ..I m terrified..go check it if you have time

  3. In a 50/50 situation, it would not have been easy for an old man to put people at risk by thinking only of himself. And later on, you'll understand the old man's decision

  4. I love how this episode goes. A lot of us expected to see the games keep going on, but it actually didn't. And rather than showing us flashbacks of why the characters went to the game; We see their current situation in the real world and how shitty it is instead, which is why majority decided to return to the game. Honestly, if I was in such a bad situation like these characters, I would definitely go back. Like my life is alrdy trash out here, might as well be in a life-or-death situation which gives me a TON of money which could solve most of my problems

  5. 15:12 not just any game, but japanese / korean style poker, possibly, in a form of on-line gamble. it's illegal to gamble in south korea, but many people bend the rule and still gamble somehow. i'm not exactly sure how, though. a-ha ! maybe that's why he didn't pay his workers for 6 months.


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