Easy A (2010) Movie Explained in Hindi Urdu | Comedy Romance Film summarized in हिन्दी/اردو

Easy A (2015) full Movie Story Explained in Hindi/Urdu | Easy A is a (2010) Comedy Romance Film Summarized with complete ending in हिन्दी/اردو Explanation. In this video we will also discuss “Easy A” Movie Summary, Reviews and TimeLine Explanation in Urdu Hindi. Movie explained in Hindi. Hollywood movie explained in Hindi. Comedy movie explained. Romance Movie explained in Hindi.

The story is described by Olive Penderghast, a 17-year-old secondary school young lady living in Ojai, California, talking into her webcam.

Olive misleads her dearest companion, Rhiannon Abernathy, about going out on the town to escape setting up camp with Rhiannon’s nonconformist guardians. All things considered, she sticks around the house the entire end of the week paying attention to Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” from a melodic hello card her grandma sent her. The next Monday, Rhiannon squeezes Olive until she lies about losing her virginity to a school kid. Marianne Bryant, a passionate Christian whom Olive considers to be pretentious, catches her lying and it before long spreads all through the school. The school’s congregation bunch, run by Marianne, chooses to “save” Olive from her alleged indiscrimination. Olive trusts reality to her companion Brandon, who is tormented by different understudies for being gay. Brandon requests that Olive claim to have intercourse with him at a party so different understudies will accept he is straight, to which she concurs.

Later a battle with Rhiannon over her new standing as a “filthy prostitute”, Olive chooses to neutralize the badgering by accepting her new picture as the school tramp, wearing more provocative apparel and sewing a red “A” onto her dress, enlivened by Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter. Young men who have had no past karma with young ladies ask Olive to build their prominence by saying they have had intercourse with her, which she does in return for gift vouchers to different stores. Things deteriorate when Micah, Marianne’s sweetheart, contracts chlamydia from laying down with Mrs. Griffith, the school life mentor, and faults Olive. As Mrs. Griffith’s significant other, Mr. Griffith, is Olive’s cherished educator, she acknowledges the fault to save their marriage.

The congregation youth bunch, which currently incorporates Rhiannon, starts pestering Olive trying to get her to exit school. Olive gets asked out on the town by Anson, Rhiannon’s crush, which closes seriously when Anson pay-offs Olive to definitely have intercourse with him and not simply imagine that she did. Olive later reconnects with Todd, her previous love interest, who tells her he doesn’t accept the bits of gossip since she lied for him when he was not prepared for his first kiss years prior. Olive chooses to ask everybody she lied for to help her by coming clean with everybody, except no one will surrender their freshly discovered prevalence. At the point when Mrs. Griffith likewise will not come clean, Olive takes steps to uncover her issue, yet Mrs. Griffith says nobody would trust her. In a spirit of meanness, Olive quickly tells Mr. Griffith, who thusly isolates from his better half.

Subsequent to conversing with her receptive mother, Olive thinks of an arrangement – she does a routine number at a school pre-game event to stand out enough to be noticed and advises them to watch her webcast sometime thereafter, encouraging an internet based sex show with Todd when as a general rule, it is the webcast that has filled in as the account gadget for the film. As she is wrapping up her webcast, Todd drops by her home riding a yard cutter. She closes down by saying that she might lose her virginity to Todd at some point or another, however gladly proclaims that “it is no one’s goddamn business.” Olive texts Rhiannon and apologizes for deceiving her. She goes outside to meet Todd and the two offer a kiss prior to heading out on the grass cutter.

IMDb Rating: 7/10

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