Episode 208 – American Squid Game

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47 thoughts on “Episode 208 – American Squid Game”

  1. Just so you know the English translation dubbing for squid games isn’t correct at all and that’s why it sounds weird sometimes (then saying damn, hell) and not cussing. The original script has cussing and different more powerful sentences, sooo don’t judge the show too much based on the English dubbing, it makes the show entirely different.

  2. Don’t fuckn say ts tho Noel bro she probably knew some cool ass technique and also that fuckin revenge energy bro she was angry that gives u strength and ts the Women went thru all of that built up uffff

  3. I can’t comprehend shit without two forms of communication. I had to use the dub and sub. I can make sure I don’t miss anything including being able to watch the body language without having to read constantly.

  4. the guy betting on 69 was a joke!!! and when the guy in the panther masks that’s the waiter/cop away one of the other masked dudes says “now they’re going to do the real 69!”

  5. I watched all of the squidward game on some strong ass LSD for my first time viewing and it was fuckin nutty. I watched black mirror my first time on acid too and I swear lol makes the experience 100x better

  6. Thanks for giving away the entire GD squid game ending… Now I don't have to watch it because it would be dumb now.. but you saved me😐(heard in female TikTok robot voice)….

  7. To add to the urban Meyer story. It was actually his bar/restaurant that he owns, he has a picture of him an his wife above the bar, this was after his team lost to a last second field goal, and his team laughed him out of team meetings


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