GAME OVER! – Squid Game Episode 2 Reaction

Suzy Lu & Steejo Reaction react to Squid Game. A group of 456 people from all walks of life are invited to play a series of children’s games with life-threatening consequences to have a chance to win a cash prize,





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23 thoughts on “GAME OVER! – Squid Game Episode 2 Reaction”

  1. Sang-Woo's mother is such a sweetheart, she's so proud of her son and cares so much about him. I'm not caught up on the show myself, just started episode 5, kept me up until 4am last night lol.

  2. I feel like you guys are overestimating how in debt these guys are. Yes its really bad especially for Sung Woo but its not as nuts as you think. 10,000 won converts to roughly 6 pound sterling or 8 USD. Gi hun is around £100,000 in debt, Sung Woo is about £3.7 Million.

  3. Dear everyone

    I'm Korean
    Squid game is plagiarism from Japanese comic Kaiji.Impressive scene, shocking development, touching scene can be said to all have been brought from Kaiji.

    If you're a Japanese manga anime fan, I strongly recommend watching the ultimate survivor Kaiji.
    Then you'll know if it's plagiarism.

  4. 31:25초에 는 태우는건 번개탄입니다
    석탄으로 만든거고요 번개탄을태우면
    일산화탄소가 발생해서 중독돼면 죽습니다
    한국에선 자살할때 저렇게 하는사람이 있습니다
    님들이 그상황을 모르는거같아서요

  5. 31:25 (상우 자살) Sang-Woo in the bathtub with suit means He tried to suicide himself…
    He set fire by the tub to make fume = (Poison gas with Carbon-Mono or dioxide)…
    drinking Soju means that because there was no narcotics in Korea..
    He tried to lose one's mind with drinking alcohol… What a pity…

  6. The guy with the snake tattoo actually voted no, not yes. He wanted to leave so he can then return with his gang and rob the place. This is why a lot of the votes were very unexpected. But I don't blame you if you missed it because it's shown for a split second.

  7. I love these videos. They're great 🙂 Of course so is the material you are watching. And I kind of see the point of people going back. I've been in debt myself. Not quite as badly as those guys but sill. It's real shitty.

  8. All the reaction and myself including. All think 001 will pick continue the game shows how genius this show is

    It’s not twist for the sake of the twist and that’s what I like about the show.
    Of course there is other reason for ppl who done watching but at least for now at this point it is genius

  9. It was brilliant the way they did the episodes. They pull you in with the craziness of the 1st episode and then find a plausible way to back off and give you back story with these characters that we’re now invested in, but know nothing about.

  10. Nice vid. Just Informing funny and sad fact. The reason of Gihun having trouble with opening door in ex wife’s house is that most of recent apartment uses electronic auto lock system on the door. Some auto lock system to unlock it, u have to pull up the knorb. Gihun does not know how to use it. He might never used those kind of door system. So it shows he is not part of the family or outdated poor guy who does not know about living in middle class life.

    Plus, that kinda small apartment in Seoul worth around 3 to 500,000 US dollor. If in Gangnam which south part of Seoul, rich district, the price goes up much higher. Condo in North American term is similar to Korean apartment. Unfotunately, I don’t know any Scottish term.
    Size wise Seoul is 3 times bigger than Paris and almost 10 million people live in Seoul. Small country with cultural, financial centralized mega capital city. Living in apartment is middle class life in South Korea not only in Seoul. Same all same weird and fucked up life like everywhere on the Earth in a way. We all living in a weird game of survival made, designed by somebody else.

    From a south Korean nerd in Seoul


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