Gganbu – Squid Game – Episode 6 – Actually Traumatized Me – Review and Reaction!

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Pain. True, deep, pain.

Also, had to edit out the sound during a segment because the music got claimed. Sorry about that guys!

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47 thoughts on “Gganbu – Squid Game – Episode 6 – Actually Traumatized Me – Review and Reaction!”

  1. Man if K-drama keep being popular here in North America, they might just come up with a specific rating system for them like mature content or gore.

    This program is rated SC. It contain soul crushing scenes or concepts that audience might find disturbing :p

  2. this drama has a lot of messages. lessons and reflections on reality and human beings. I've watched it 4 times already and everytime i re-watch it, i find new hidden messages in each eps

  3. During this episode Ali refers to Sang-Woo as "Hyung" which means "Older Brother" and is used to refer to one's actual older brother or an older male friend they deeply trust. Ali trusted Sang-Woo like a brother right up to the very end.

  4. What makes this all so much worse is the fact that bitch ass Sang Woo told Ali to call him his big brother. So when Ali is looking for him, he’s actually calling out “big brother” …yea 🥺💔

    The English subtitles do not do this show justice

  5. So, why everyone is mad at Sang Woo for cheating on Ali, but no one, AT THIS POINT in the story, is equally pissed off at Gi-hun for cheating on number 1? Ali at least seemed to have all of his mental faculties intact. Number 1, in Gi-hun eyes, seemed to have some sort of dementia because of the tumor. Gi-hun took advantage of an elderly man with mental problems, and I don't see anyone criticizing him for that on the same level as they do with Sang Woo in this episode. Hypocrisy?

  6. This episode is when shit gets real cause they kill off main characters, it was very emotional as they all had to betray the person they were closest to in order to survive the round.

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  9. The acting from the main and supporting characters are simply superb.
    The set, the storylines, and the tension building up to the unforgettable ends are unbearable.
    And the music playing in the background is so haunting while the survivors are walking away.
    All these pull you right into the scene as if you're part of it.


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