He Got Stuck with The Umbrella 🍯 – Squid Game Episode 3 Reaction

Watch our reaction now to Squid Game Episode 3 “The Man with the Umbrella”

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Squid Game REACTION, you can watch this on Netflix!

0:00 Intro
2:15 Squid Game Episode 3
28:15 Discussion and Review

Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

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29 thoughts on “He Got Stuck with The Umbrella 🍯 – Squid Game Episode 3 Reaction”

  1. You know a platform is trash when you even have to censor a scientific word used to describe female anatomy. Watching all of these sites go under will give me more pleasure than a thousand garden tools ever could.

  2. Watching the 1st two games, it does seem like the only rules to follow were the instruction given and result produced. And whatever methods the players used doesn’t really seem to matter to the black coat guy or the pink shirt ppl. For the 1st game some ppl were using other ppl’s body to prevent detection, and for the second game we have players using lighters, their saliva to form the shapes given. it does feel like the game moderator is aware of what is happening and allows for it to happen, as long as the players follow through w the basic instruction. Plus the basic instructions was actually very vague (1st game ‘you can move forward while it shouts green light red light. If your movement is detected,you’ll be eliminated”. 2nd game ‘the shape you have chosen is the shapes you must piece out’) it almost seemed intentional that they’ve left the instructions to be vague. But the players might not aware of that, which causes them to be more nervous about trying out diff methods beyond the given instructions. In a way the game moderator followed through with the idea of a ‘democratic system’ mentioned in ep 2. Where the players have a certain “autonomy”; choosing to be in this place; choosing to be part of the game or to terminate it by votes; choosing the shapes of the honeycomb; using their own methods to win the games. Though of course, there is a sense of free will involved, there is also a sense of manipulation in choosing a very specific grp of desperate ppl at the same time…

  3. the crazy thing is it's actually way harder than it looks. people on tiktok and youtube have tried to do it and they always break it the first time lol

  4. Sang-Woo is what in Psychology is called a NARCISSIST borderline Sociopathic.
    These types are very smart, intuitive, predatory and will do what it takes to ANYBODY to be On Top, To Survive.

  5. i used to eat this all the time coming home from school as a kid. it tastes similar to coffee taffy but more crunchy. if you get the shape out neatly without breaking it, the street vendor guy will give you another one for free. it was a mini-game built into the snack. some street vendors offered prizes for harder shapes like little action figures, rc cars, ddakji, and so on, so my friends and i would dare each other to try the harder shapes. you had to do it while the street vendor watched so you don't cheat lol. good times.


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