heartbroken into a thousand pieces | Squid Game 오징어게임 EP 5-6 Kdrama Reaction

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37 thoughts on “heartbroken into a thousand pieces | Squid Game 오징어게임 EP 5-6 Kdrama Reaction”

  1. Guys, the fact that I hate Sangwoo does not exclude the fact that I could very well act like him if I were in the game. Actually, I would have died in the first episode, BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT! What I am saying is that everyone has their favorite characters, the ones they hate and the ones they couldn't give a flying sh*t about. I don't judge you if you love Sangwoo, it's perfectly normal to have different opinions. This is a survival game, with fictional characters and that is it. I understand his actions, but that doesn't make me hate him any less because I was rooting for Ali! If you think differently, it's okay! Let's all respect each other's opinions 🙂

  2. 20:14 kinda funny becasue we korean read 218 ee(2) back(hundread) sip(ten) pal(eight)

    and ee(2) sip(ten) pal(eight) is kinda harsh swear as Tsuki Iwamoto said(similar to F word) so seeing this scene, we automatically say this easily 😀

    by the way, the reason korean cry for ali is that
    in sub ali just say sangwoo
    but he said sangwoo 'hyung'
    and we call somebody hyung who is elder and trustworthy..

  3. 11:17 The fact that they look down on him for not wearing the jacket is because he is a veteran of life. The message that the old man wanted to give is that people are not going to respect you if you do not have a complete image.

  4. just my opinion, you talked through the whole video over the voices & the random edits were unnecessary. couldn't actually feel a genuine reaction. Im just being honest not trying to be an asshole

  5. i love your reactions! could you please react to blue birthday? it’s such a good kdrama and i really recommend it! i think you would love it, just like i did! 🙂


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