Hell | Squid Game Episode 2 REACTION!

Time to continue more of this Crazy Korean Netflix series Squid Game
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44 thoughts on “Hell | Squid Game Episode 2 REACTION!”

  1. Wow that really caught me off guard. Just how well this episode was written though. We now get to see the lives of others outside the game but not only that their lives are almost if not worse than they are in the game. VERY sad but OMGGG back to the games now it seems… ANXIETY RISING!!

  2. i bet we will see a bunch of people dress up as the red jumper suit guys for Halloween, cuz im probably gonna do it if i can find an outfit that will ship before oct 30 and not on thanksgiving

  3. @JamiUwU – The old man isn't as “innocent” as you think he is. There is a lot more to the old man than meets the eye. And, looks can always be deceiving. 🎃🎃🎃😈😈😈

  4. Korean names have the family name first and then their given name just like in Japan and China, so our protagonist's (Player 456's) first name is Gi-hoon (Sung is his last name). It's pronounced as a hard G and not a J. 🙂

  5. Red and Green have a significant meaning to this show. Red represents Status, wealth and power while Green is the opposite just like how Green is the complementary color of Red in the color spectrum/scheme.
    Soldiers wore some sort of Pinkish/Reddish suit while players wore Green track suits.


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