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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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29 thoughts on “How To Beat Every DEATH GAME In "SQUID GAME"”

  1. That walking across the metal bars thinf in the bridge was what I thought when I saw the episode, as well as the idea of using the shoes to try breaking the glass. I also absolutely saw it coming that glasses guy would kill the girl. Any thing that was supposed to be a “twist”was really obvious tbh.

  2. for the glass tile, I'd say best strat is spread your weight across both tiles and the middle bars and crawl across. crawling on broken glass is better then dying even if the glass shatters with what should be less than half your weight spread over a much larger surface area

  3. RESPONDING A QUESTION RECALL MEMORIES; IT'S WORKABLE. I read your question and immediatly the idea "44 minutes is wayyy too long to answer this simple question!" appeared. 44 MIN IS WAY TOO LONG! You can answer the question in less minutes. (In the first 6 minutes, you explain the movie instead of answering…)

    I came to the video having already watched the serie. I want the answers, I don't want a resume… ALl the explanations makes me believe I am being used. I don't get for my time and I believe I am being betrayed

  4. So, as a whole, this review totally sucks ass. It does cover all of the death games, and how to survive (somewhat) most of them. But it leaves out SO much of the story. *ENORMOUS SPOILER WARNING* It leaves out the fact that Gi-Hun is trying to get enough money to prove that he can handle custody of his daughter, because she’s moving to America, and he doesn’t want that. It leaves out that the old man, 001, is the host of the whole game! In the last episode, Gi-hun wins the 45B wan, and goes home to find his mother DEAD, then decides to adopt Byeok’s son, and gives him to be raised by Joon-Ho’s mother. He also leaves her with a third of his winnings. Gi-Hun then go into homelessness the following year, and receives another card for Squid Game. He decided to try and end Squid Game over going home to his daughter, LEAVING IT OPEN FOR SEASON FUCKING 2 OF SQUID GAME! So much was missing!

  5. easy, i dont need these strategies
    1. dont move, ez i can do that
    2. i would triangle anyways, since i dont like umbrellas and stars
    i would rather pick square but it isnt there, and i believe i can do the thing with the needle
    3. the midnight fight is prolly the most horrifying, i would sit in a corner with some sort of protection or just hide under my bed, i think i can survive
    4. tug of war, im sure gi hun would take me in his team, cuz im not a woman. and using the strategy the glasses guy did, i think i can win it. but it will probably be the hardest
    5. the marbles, thats going to be sad but i already knew i was gonna kill the person i was paired with. even when i watched the show first time i knew it was gonna happen, was obvious imo
    6. stepping glass, i already had decided 16 would be the last in the row even when i first saw the row, i would prolly run to 16 so another win
    then the squid game. the final one is easy as i would kill both guys in the bedroom before the game starts so i dont play the game. or i would just kill the strongest if i cant kill the weak in time. then killing the weak one will be easy

  6. You cant win the game. It's all about luck. If you think about the main character, he won mostly with few wits and mostly luck. You cant win especially if you are a foreigner living outside of S. Korea and have literally no experience of any games presented before you.

  7. K but listen, what if the squid game is a death game being held for generations to generations, and there will be more stages that becomes more and more modernized throughout its existence, the old man made the 5th stage and the business man(who played the paper game with gihun in the start of the series) was actually the old man's son/grandson and is just luring victims in to play the game since he hasn't made a round to continue on the squid game. And the reason why the old man wanted to relive his childhood is because he was Born at the ww2 times and all he sees was red and lifeless bodies back then, which is then why this series happened.. Innocent intentions but cruel actions. 😓

    .. I'll stop blabbering nonsense now

    P. S I posted this on another video so I didn't copy anyone


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