INTENSE ENDING! Squid Game Episode 9 – One Lucky Day Reaction!

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Synopsis: Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

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26 thoughts on “INTENSE ENDING! Squid Game Episode 9 – One Lucky Day Reaction!”

  1. Seems like some folks miss the underlying commentary of Squid Game. Oh Il Nam claims he never made anyone play…. but his wealth is entirely based on loaning money…. on indebting people. That debt is what causes the misery that leaves people with no other choice but to play the game. Then he "plays" to prove to himself that it's all fun, that everyone is treated equal…. but he was never really in any danger. In red-light green-light you can see the motion detector doesn't register him, no green outline. In tug of war, when he's layign down at the end, you can see his cuffs weren't locked. He was being protected. His talk of fairness is all fiction. Much like the mega rich in the world who like to pretend that they earned their wealth through hard work.. that their success is earned, that they are just better at playing the game – never acknowledging that the game is severely rigged.

  2. I'm still not sure how to feel about that betrayal twist, I find is so frustrating, but maybe that's why it's so good 😁 hopefully there will be season two to tie some of those loose ends.

  3. tbh, I'd be fine with not getting a season 2. K-dramas like this usually wrap up everything with one season with either a cliffhanger ending or an open-ended/ambiguous ending. Creating a season 2 would just give explanations to things that would be better left to audience speculation.

  4. The actor from Train to Busan, Gong Yoo, didn't have a larger part in the show as he was a cameo! Same kinda goes for In-ho (Front Man / Police's Brother)! They are both Class A actors in Korea as well as being top paid actors. I believe they previously worked with the director of this show and so they were featured as a cameo! This is why although they are really famous actors they got "smaller roles" as they were just being featured. This is really common in Korean shows when famous actors are friends with either the cast or the director or the producer, they will play a small role in the production to show their support! It was such a nice surprise seeing them pop up as it was kept a secret!

  5. I heard somewhere that the reason why gi-hun dyed his hair red was to symbolise the rage he felt after everything he's been through and how he can never be the same person again. But yeah, it also reminded me of the blood that was spilled in the game

  6. What a wild ride this has been. The old man being behind the entire game had my mind blown. Did you hear that they are going to make Squid Game a reality in United Arab Emirates? Well, minus the dying and money part but thousands of people think they could win. Great reaction again Seb

  7. For me, the hardest part about watching Squid Game reaction videos has been seeing all the reactors adore the old man knowing what I already knew about his true self. My experience watching SG was a bit different though because I actually disliked the old man from the very beginning. I just didn't trust him. And then by the end learning he's helped people mass murder each other for decades just for "fun." Yeah fuck that POS old man. 😅

  8. you are shocked that Gi-Hun would walk away at the end with nothing but are then shocked that Sang Woo would kill himself. Sang Woo has hte same view as you do. it would be silly to not kill Sang woo if that means you walk away with nothing. Which is why sang woo kills himself. He lost. He can't just walk away like Gi-Hun wants. As then his mom gets no money.
    He was the pragmatist the entire time, while Gi-hun kept letting his heart get in the way. He would have walked away from the games previously to save the woman who was dying. which again, would mean that everyone gets nothing.

  9. The producer of the show has recently stated that the reason he chose red as the color for Gi-Hun's hair was to represent the anger Gi-Hun is feeling about everything he went thru


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