ONE LUCKY DAY (i am SAD) | Squid Game Episode 9 Reaction


i am so glad i watched this show, thank you to everyone who recommended it to me. let me know what other shows you want to see in the comments!

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➭ Hi, I’m Alana! I’m a 23-year-old Twitch Partner who loves playing cozy games and watching TV shows and movies. Currently, I’m watching through Demon Slayer, Death Note, and Jujutsu Kaisen, but if you have any other shows you want me to react to, please leave them in the comments below! Thanks for hanging with me!

46 thoughts on “ONE LUCKY DAY (i am SAD) | Squid Game Episode 9 Reaction”

  1. hi everyone!! i am so sorry for the delay on this episode, but it's finally here! thank you all so much for watching these videos. i had a blast watching this show. thank you to everyone who found my channel through squid game and to those who were here before squid game. i really really appreciate the subs and nice comments! you've all been so kind

    i'd love to know what else you want me to watch/react to. i have train to busan and alice in borderland on my list – comment any others below!

  2. I think I'm the only person who thought that old man was annoying after he started having "dementia" and everything during the marble game. Everyone I know loves the old man and I was rooting for him to lose, is that bad? D:

  3. i love this show.. i hope there'll be season 2.. maybe you should react to movie too alana, there're a lot of good movie that you can react.. have you watch TRAIN TO BUSAN? if not, well i recommend it.. good plot story, trust's a korean movie. oh, by the way please continue tokyo revenger please.. i've been waiting for your reaction to that show..

  4. Go back in episode 7 and see Note that the VIPs say that the Korean game is the best, that is, there are more games around the world, interesting to be able to explore this in any other seasons

  5. Sang-woo committed suicide so that the sacrifices and struggles he had made so far were not in vain. This is because I know well that Ki-hoon is so weak-hearted that he cannot kill Sang-woo. Ki-hoon was not a person who could kill his close brother even if he had all those sacrifices and struggles. Ki-hoon also needed money, but he considered his relationship with Sang-woo more important. Both had different purposes. There is no point in who is worse, more realistic, and more foolish.

  6. I've really enjoyed your reaction videos for Squid Game. Just subscribed and look forward to your future videos.
    Still can't believe that this was the first acting role for the woman who played Sae-Byeok. Hope she makes room in her modeling career to appear in more kdramas.

  7. i cried probably the most when sangwoo died, i hated everything he did but i felt like he was one of the most realistic / well written characters and idk everything he did was out of desperation not actual hatred :/ either way he found a way to get the money to his mom through killing himself

  8. 18:00 The thing is, ll-Nam was reminiscing on his time as a kid and how this whole game was created for the simplest reason of all and how that very innocent notion became far worse than what it was intended to be (as more people got involved with crafting this tournament of games). That's what the music was conveying.

  9. The old guy took advantage of these peoples misfortune/terrible lives. But technically he is not wrong. They did voluntarily join the games, signed a contract (which they never read anyways except for one guy) and lost all of their money (or life). Then some voted to go home and returned anyways. In his sick twisted mindset, maybe he thought he was doing them a favor. Get to experience childhood joy/thrill of games at the highest stakes….vs going back to a miserable reality.

  10. Hey, really great reaction. I really like your style! I was wondering if you have any advice or like tips/tricks for a new reactor such as myself starting out. Thank you and keep up the hard work! 💜

  11. mr 001 is still alive, he fooled you again, also ali is still alive, too, so does that young police and sae-byuck. they'll all come back in season 2 and that's why i say no to season 2. we've gotta do something about it cause it's gonna suck. remember death note? and came death note 3, then death note 4. i rest my case.


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