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PK (2014) Action/Drama/Sci-fi movie explained in Manipuri. “PK” movie story summarized with a complete ending in Manipuri explanation.

A humanoid alien lands on Earth naked on a research mission in Rajasthan but is stranded when the remote control for his spaceship is stolen. He manages to get the thief’s cassette recorder. On the same day in Belgium, an Indian woman, Jaggu, meets a Pakistani, Sarfaraz, and falls in love with him. Jaggu’s father objects to their relationship, citing their different religions.
He consults godman Tapasvi Maharaj who predicts that Sarfaraz will betray Jaggu. Determined to prove them wrong, Jaggu asks Sarfaraz to marry her. At the wedding chapel, she is heartbroken when she receives an unsigned letter, believing it is from Sarfaraz, calling off the marriage due to cultural differences.
Jaggu returns to India and becomes a news reporter. She meets the alien and is intrigued to see him distribute leaflets about the “missing” God. She earns his trust by rescuing him when he attempts to take money from a temple’s collection box as a refund on God’s broken promises. The alien tells her that he is an ”astronaut” from another planet. His people know nothing about dressing, religion, or verbal communication. They transfer ideas by holding hands. The alien learned to fit in with humans by wearing clothes and using money stolen from “dancing” cars.

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Rajkumar Hirani

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