Red Light, Green Light – Squid Game Episode 1 Reaction

Watch our reaction now to Squid Game Episode 1 “Red Light, Green Light”

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Squid Game REACTION, you can watch this on Netflix!

0:00 Intro
1:34 Squid Game Episode 1
22:50 Discussion and Review

Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

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38 thoughts on “Red Light, Green Light – Squid Game Episode 1 Reaction”

  1. Fun fact the Pistol scene is actually a joke tho because In Korea having guns is prohibited and they're taking serious even the Police aren't allowed to carry guns with them so most of the Korean audience knew it already that it's gonna be a lighter or some shit but in a Pistol shape

  2. "무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다" is not "Green Light, Red Light". “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” is closer and row meaning of this is "Rose of Sharon is blossoming" (Rose of sharon is korean flower). this game was coming against to Japanese Conquer of Korean. 잘 보고 갑니다. From Korean.

  3. 7:11 It's soo fascinating and kinda messed up/sad to see Americans even consider or have the slightest doubt that the girl was holding a real gun because in Korea it is completely illegal to own guns so Koreans watching this would never in a million years think "Oh damn, that could be a real gun" lol . Owning or distributing firearms in Korea is definitely against the law. Consequently, there is virtually no guns available to civilians so to see an actual working gun with a civilian is an impossible sight in Korea

  4. Within US law, I believe it's still considered kidnapping as no one consent to being drugged and taken somewhere… within Korean law though, I have no clues lol
    But damn this was a great show; imo Asian shows are generally way better.

  5. If you liked "Squid Game" without a doubt you have to watch "Alice In Borderland" which is based on the manga of the same name, with the same survival games theme and with references to Alice in Wonderland where the playing cards play a very important role in the plot. And with a second season already confirmed. Really recommendable


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