Sae-Byeok 💔| Squid Game Episode 8 REACTION!

I think this broke me more than Episode 6 Gganbu
Here is my Reaction to Squid Game Episode 8 Front Man
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31 thoughts on “Sae-Byeok 💔| Squid Game Episode 8 REACTION!”

  1. Sangwoo is the kind of villian every writer dreams to be able to create. He is only a "villian" because he acts realistically, true to his character and his personal interests. Don't get me wrong. I cried like a baby for Sae-byeok.

  2. I agree. This broke me as much as / more than episode 6. Our lovely Sae-byeok…omg…yet it all makes sense from the each character' s perspective. So well written…nicely done.


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