SO HEARTBREAKING! Squid Game Episode 6 – Gganbu REACTION!

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👏 Thank you all for watching my first time reaction Squid game episode 6 Gganbu

Synopsis: Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

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43 thoughts on “SO HEARTBREAKING! Squid Game Episode 6 – Gganbu REACTION!”

  1. I really like the design of this set, it gives off the “Time to go home after a day of having fun” vibe when we were kids. But this time the goodbye is forever

  2. Please react to TV Series from Netflix called Alice In Borderland Season 1, too. This series released in 2020 and have a similar stories like Squid Game. In matter of fact, Alice In Borderland is more darker, more scarier, more intense, more terrifying and more unpredictable than Squid Game. It based on japanese anime (manga)

    Trailer 2:

  3. Oh Young Soo is an amazing stage actor!!! My friend and I saw him in Shakespeare's The Tempest as Prospero when I was visiting Korea! Amaaaazing stuff from this guy, an amazing treat to find him in this show!

  4. Being surrounded by the game set with the neighborhood literally just like the one from childhood could easily have triggered an episode of regression for the elderly man.

  5. What's more heartbreaking is, earlier Sangwoo told Ali "Call me hyung(older brother) from now on". So Ali has been calling Sangwoo "hyung" instead of sir/boss, and even before he died Ali kept calling for "older brother" ..

  6. Gganbu is mispronounced English word “combo”
    Because 40 years ago, Koreans thought combo meant partner.
    It was initially mispronounced “kkambo” then changed again to “kkanbu”


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