Squid Game 1×1 REACTION!! "Red Light, Green Light"

Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Season 1 Episode 1 of Squid Game – Red Light, Green Light – #SquidGame #Netflix

Watch the Full Length Reaction HERE: https://blindwavellc.com/squid-game-1×01-full/

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45 thoughts on “Squid Game 1×1 REACTION!! "Red Light, Green Light"”

  1. If you put the pin in incorrectly too many times at an ATM, it'll keep your card permanently. I think if you take it out, it'll reset the number of times you can try. I only just now realized that the fact that he didn't do that was the first indication of his out-of-control gambling habit.

  2. I think "why" there's a contract gets answered down the road. The how of it, I have a couple speculations.

    First, they could be within North Korea's territories. Whether they bought the island from NoKor, or they actually have "permission" from their government, their contracts could be legally binding as per NoKor laws.

    Second, they could be in "international waters" and/or their island is recognized as a small nation where whatever they say is what's legal. I'm idiot who knows barely nothing about international law. I'm pulling these explanations out of thin air. Lol

  3. The green light, red light game is not accurately translated. The exact translation of the green light, red light game is "Mugunghwa flower has bloomed", which was a very common children's game in Korea. FYI, Mugunghwa flower is a national flower symbolic of Korea. All the congressmen in South Korea has a badge on their suit jacket that has "mugunghwa flower" in it. I think they translated to green light, red light on purpose so international fans can understand better.

  4. I find it so funny watching people reacting to gun as a gift. Since I was born in Korea knowing that guns are illegal I knew right away that it was fake but all my american friends had no idea and were shocked 😂😂😂

  5. no criticism just an advice:

    The art of reading subtitles is not to read them but to grasp them, it is not so important to read word for word but to grasp the content of the subtitles within seconds. with experience this is not a problem at all. As a German, I've been consuming all media in their original language for many years and after a certain time you don't miss anything on the screen because you're busy reading. I know that in America it just doesn't go down well, before you see European films that are not even several years old remaked for the US audience … you should really get involved with subtitles more, especially since US dubs are incredibly bad in international comparison . have fun with the show, not the best Death Game Series/Movies from Korea but still fun to watch. 🙂

  6. You have to be careful with Korean cinema because there is definitely a tipping point.
    After you watch a certain amount you suddenly come to the realization that you've spent your entire life watching really shitty movies.
    Your tolerance for the dreck Hollywood puts out on a regular basis suddenly goes WAY down.

  7. Hey guys!

    The South Korean Won exchange rate changes daily. For example, 1,000 won could be $.80 on Monday, $.78 cents on Tuesday, $.82 cents on Wednesday, etc.

    I use the XE Money Convertor. So, 5,000,000 won would be worth $$4,187.99 U.S. dollars. Today's exchange rate is $.83.


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