Squid Game – 1×5 A Fair World – Group Reaction

Squid Game reactions continue today! This is our reaction to Season 1 Episode 5, A Fair World. What exactly is fair about this world? After our reacts, check our our discussion and review afterward. Hit the like button for daily Squid Game reaction drops!

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37 thoughts on “Squid Game – 1×5 A Fair World – Group Reaction”

  1. watching these reactions as i watch the episodes myself. at this point im kind of assuming that the VIP's are past winners or that the head guy is last year's winnner or something. a kind of messed up indoctrination about how after surviving this and becoming rich they believe in the process and make sure it runs smoothly going forward.

  2. This is just my theory, i think the guards starting to work with the doctor after they came at the first time and left, they probably saw his data and decided to contact him back to the game and planned this whole organ harvesting thing. In change of that, they'll help him pass every game by giving him clues. Idk this is just something i thought about. 😂

  3. The girl mocking the religious guy was probably the most unnecessary thing in the show. It's weird how shows always have somebody who's extremely religious to the point it's hard to believe the authenticity, and somebody who's 'witty' being anti-religion.

  4. No the Salesman was saying that "there are few spots left" meaning few spots for PLAYERS to take up. He was telling Gi-hun that there was a limited time on the offer because there were few people left for them to recruit.

  5. lol when Pat is actually right and ppl jump on him

    Pat: He's gonna know it's a Cop Bullet

    Yup, Korean Cops use a special type of gun because guns are highly regulated there. It's typically a .38 caliber revolver

  6. I thought that the brother only participated in the game once a year. The cop at one point mentions that it's normal for his brother to disappear every once in a while, but he always resurfaced eventually. I'm assuming when the brother was just participating in the game.

  7. When some people get wealthy after coming from humble beginnings, they forget their values and where they came from and act like the 1%. Season 2 needs to be The Frontman's Story.

  8. lmaoooo not to spoil anything but hilarious that Mickey is right about the head mask guy being the cop's brother and everyone else just like nahhhhh that's stupid i don't like that… i'm dead 🤣


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