Squid Game 1×9 ONE LUCKY DAY – Episode 9 FINALE Reaction / Review

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26 thoughts on “Squid Game 1×9 ONE LUCKY DAY – Episode 9 FINALE Reaction / Review”

  1. Hi I am Korean, and I want to let you know the secret thing in Squid Game , that only Korean can catch

    Before Conclusion , you have to know below first

    1. Sung gi Hoon ' mother is " OH Mal Soon" : We can see that when Gi hoon draw the money fron her BanK cad, But I am sure you guys cant catch it . its very fast and it is in Korean word, and no translation on Subtitle.

    And In Korea "Oh" is family name that you got from your father, So Sung Gi Hoon ' s father name starts with "Sung" and thats Gi Hoons Family name.

    And if you are adopted, the family name is changed to " NEW Father's family name"–> its very important

    Sung Gi HOON : ,"Sung" is family name And it is from his father = Oh mal Soon' s Husband
    Oh Mal Soon : Oh is her family name from HER father

    2. GGan Bu grandpa name is "OH Il Nam"

    His family name is "OH" SAME AS "OH MAL SOON" –> For Korean , That is very interesting.

    SO " OH Il NAM and "OH Mal Soon " Have Same family name..

    3. An When Squid GAME Proceed , there we can see the details about "Sung Gi HOON"

    But that DETAILS SAY

    Sung Gi hoon's mother is "KIM CHOON JA", Not Oh Mal Soon" –> But I am sure you guys cant catch it . its very fast and it is in Korean word, and no translation on Subtitle.

    4. OH il Nam Keep talking about the past when he lived with his son and wife in Episode 6 (Actually the line is not that necessary ~)


    IL NAM –> it means "First Son"
    Mal Soon –> It meas "Last Daughter" (Malsoon is girl's common name for grandma, that we dont use for these days in Korea , Like Jenny is grandma name of USA


    1. Sung Gi Hoon 's real father is "Oh il nam ,"Ganbu grandpa"

    2. Oh Mal Soon is Oh Il Nam's Little sister

    3. Ii Nasm have to leave his son "Oh Gi Hoon" to "Oh mal Soon"

    4. As Korea Law , Gi- Hoon have to change the family name from "OH" –> "Sung"

    5. Convenient Shop Scene..you guys remember?

    Now you guys got the reason why he run in to Gi Hoon?

    Before he died , He want to see his son.

  2. Gihun He started the game without realizing it. The rule was to wait until midnight while watching the life of a person freezing to death through the window. Already at that point, Gihun didn't know that he was doing something like a VIP.

  3. It's scary to think there may actually be something akin to a squid game scenario happening out there where a select group of extreme rich bet on people's lives just like horse's….the amount of people that go missing in America alone is pretty crazy…because who says there is only one Squid Game arena there could be more in other countries in the series…what better way to avoid suspicion with alot of people going missing than switching to another location every so often.

  4. Now he has money to buy the secrets from the secret-keepers, find out how the guards are recruited, maybe hook up with a police officer who received a low-quality yet highly disturbing attachment from a colleague who mysteriously disappeared, never to return. Squid Game, Gi-hun is coming with receipts. Also, I think Jun-ho is alive. Non-fatal shot, no body, not dead.

  5. Not one single reactioner that I've watched ever raised a single doubt about Player 1. What the hell. Really, what the hell.
    Either most of the world truly has gone stupid, as I've already suspected, or I'm a friggen JEENYUS.
    Hint: I am no genius, yet I thought Player 1 was sus in every single episode and even called him out as being the man behind the curtain since the ep where he couldn't remember his own name.

  6. 외국인들 리액션보다가 여기도 왔어요. 두분 말씀 재밌게 하시네요 남자분도 공감잘하시고 잘 봤어요:)
    한국드라마 재밌게 봐주셔서 고마워요


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