SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임

SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임 오징어게임 . We breakdown the ending of Squid Game on Netflix and talk about all the clues in the season that tell us it was Il-Nam The Old Man who was behind it all. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead.

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0:00 The Hidden Wall Clues In Squid Game
0:40 Heavy Spoilers!
0:59 Squid Game Ending Explained
1:40 Old Man Number Clues
3:04 The Clues In The Games
3:24 Red Light, Green Light Breakdown
4:20 The Vote
4:40 The Star
5:10 The Fight
5:35 Tug Of War
5:58 The Marbles And His ‘Death’
6:57 Why He Left The Game
7:40 Competition

Ok so at the end of Squid Game we learn that it was Il-Nam all along.

The final episode reveals that he invented the games as a form of entertainment for him and his rich buddies who had become bored with life. We learn that he had actually got involved in the one that we see in the show because he was dying and wanted a final bit of fun in his life before it was too late.

The ending was absolutely incredible and the scene had Gi-Hun saying goodbye to the character as he lay on his death bed. This last meeting actually reflected their first one in which he too encountered the character as he sat in a bed.

It was a pretty big twist that really pulled the rug out from under your feet but eagle eyed viewers might have spotted early on that there were several clues pointing towards his true identity.

Now the first one is that he is Number 1, the very first player. If we look at the subtext of the series, Gi-Hun is the final number and throughout we watch as he very much works his way to first place, aka Il-Nam.

In the final episode he is left as number one, he inherits a large portion of the character’s fortune and comes face to face with him in one of the final scenes. 1 is symbolic on a number of levels and because it’s the first place, it also hints to us that Il-Nam is number one and the one that’s controlling everything.

In episode 5 Hwang Jun-Ho sneaks through the compound and he eventually finds a storage room with files on all of the games that have happened over the decades. Upon opening up the 2020 one the first player there is actually number 2 and Il-Nam’s profile is completely missing.

There is no file for Number 1 because he doesn’t need or want a record kept for himself.

The other players in the game also hint towards us that something is off with Il-Nam and though it’s not too obvious, when you really think about it, he wouldn’t be someone that would be selected for the process.

Everyone else in the Squid Game is roughly the same age whereas he is extremly elderly.

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39 thoughts on “SQUID GAME Ending: Every Clue About Il-Nam | Things You Missed And Hidden Details | 오징어게임”

  1. 001 probably wasn’t supposed to play the marbles game. If you look he was sitting on the corner so he could be the old man out and then sneak away. But with the main character asking him to play that fell onto the girl who then got a free pass.

  2. My question is what they would’ve done if the old man died during tug of war. Like they legit almost died. What was the old man gonna do or the crew members is they did lose. Like it’s just an odd plot hole to think about

  3. The biggest stomach turner for me was how little the actual cash prize was, it was just shy of 40M$, like that ain’t that much to trade your humanity for but at least its realistic with the rich still being greedy as ever.

  4. In the tug-of-war scene, Il-nam's shackles seem to be the only ones without a lock on them. You can sort of see this when they pan over all the players when they had just won the game!

  5. I got a clue u missed and needs to be looked at. There are 2 front men the one who shot the police officer and there's another guy over 001 body at the end and his younger? Please look into my theory cause it's a year later

  6. For you to analyze this and put this up, i'm still very much baffled, this is wow… Never knew all these things although I figured that they could have known all the games through the drawings in the room also. But this is amazing, Kudos

  7. During the scene in tug of war after Gi-hun's team won, the camera goes over the players laying on the platform and Il-nam is the only one without a silver lock on his wrist.

  8. Great show, but dear god this is awful analysis. It sounds like you’re reading a script written by a 5th greater. And some of these observations are flat out oversimplified or wrong

  9. So many comments here, so most people will probably not read this,
    But the reason why Il-Man stops in red light green light so easily is because in the Korean version, it doesn't say "red light" and turn… It says "moo goong hwah gohtshhee peeyutssubneedah" which means the national flower (moo goong hwah goht) has bloomed (peeyutssubneedah)… so this game is actually pretty easy because you don't have to anticipate red light.


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