SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions | 오징어게임

SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions. 오징어게임 . We review, recap, explain and react to the story of Squid Game Season 1 on Netflix. We also predict what we think will happen in Season 2. Full spoiler review for the series so if you haven’t seen it then check out now.

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0:00 Squid Game Breakdown Intro
0:44 Squid Game Season 1 Recap
3:08 Who Wins?
3:47 What Happens To Hwang Jun-Ho
4:44 Winning But Still Losing
5:26 Squid Game Ending Explained
7:46 Season 2 Predictions
9:21 Review

Squid Gang Season 1 Recap

Ok so Squid Game follows Gi-Hun a man who’s down on his luck after losing just about everything that means something to him.

His marriage failed, he lost his job, is in deep over his head with gangsters and now faces the fact that his daughter is going to be leaving South Korea with her mother and new family. To make matters worse his mother is also at deaths door and she requires medical treatment in order to save his life.

Seems like things are going worse than this channel is however his fortune seemingly changes when he meets a man at a train station that offers him the opportunity of a life and death time.

Desperate for money Gi-Hun finds himself somewhat squidnapped and drafted into a battle royale between himself and 456 contestants worth a grand prize of 45.6 billion. Throughout we watch as the players are wittled down to one in games of red and green, honey combs, tug of war, hopscotch and one that will have you losing your marbles due to the betrayals in it.

The Meaning Of The Colours

The season is a blast to watch and early on it sets up this idea of division within colours that thematically ends up coming full circle by the end.

The colours Red and Green are introduced and these are actually classed as opposites on the colour spectrum.

Both are mentioned in the passwords, they become the name of the first game and even the contestants wear green whilst the guards don red. The show is absolutely laced with these opposing colours and they in many ways very much represent the divide between the powerful and powerless. As we know from our own society this divide is often showcased between the rich and the poor and we learn that there are a vast number of wealthy men who actually oversee the entire operation and that this is all for their entertainment.

Rather than being seen as people, the players are very much just numbers and this is demonstrated in the fact that they are literally given these as their names.

Along the way, Gi-Hun meets an elderly man named number 1 and the fact that he’s the first drafted into the game should give you a clue towards his true identity at the end.

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48 thoughts on “SQUID GAME Ending Explained | Full Series Breakdown, Spoiler Review And Season 2 Predictions | 오징어게임”

  1. The show foreshadows the consequences and karma of the characters, Ali's boss owed Ali pay despite clearly being rich, Ali therefore takes the money unrightfully like Sangwoo took his marbles. Ali's boss's hand is injured in the exact same spot as Ali, in the machinery, it was karma for not paying his workers and not giving Ali money for his hand injury causing him to lose both fingers

  2. I love this thumbnail. Go ji hun!! He’s Guna come for the squid game owners. His expression is so detailed. Is that the guy, he’s out here still, I have to take this thing down morally. And I have the mean$. Very cool Korean actors are cool man

  3. So in addition to the whole SPOILER ALERT Old man being behind these fatal games, I think his plan includes using the organs from the dead players to sell them on the black market to make more $$$. He's using these games to not only gain pleasure bc he's super rich and apparently heartless (no pun intended) but to actually gain organs to sell for $$$.

  4. Another thing I don't see a lot of people talking about is how Gi-hun swore on his mother that he wouldn't ask Sae-byeok about his money and still did and at the end his mother actually died.

  5. I hated the main character, could not feel any sympathy for him. He always had plot armor, and at the end when he was willing to let the money go to waste just for saving the life of that ahole (who had nothing worth saving, he was literally the worst person there besides the gang thug and the prostitute), I lost it. At least use the money for good you idiot! He never had to dirty his hands till the very end, always coming off as morally superior when in fact he was just as rotten and selfish inside as the rest of them. He voluntarily chose twice in a row to join the games, he is just a selfish damn hypocrit and a stupid loser on top of that, he is good material for one of those naive idiot protagonists in shonen mangas, but I guess it wouldn't make for an interesting story if one of the "bad" people won.

  6. I hope very much that there will be a season 2 because I simply loved season 1 and I loved it because it shows the true nature of humans, because of all the twists and least but not least the actors that were chosen. This video gives me a lot of hope for season 2.

  7. Am I the only one who was glad he didn’t get on the plane? Like the way they knew exactly where he was and that he was getting on the plane made me feel like the plane was going to blow up or something to keep him quiet. Like yea it sucks that he’s missing his daughter for one day but I’m sure she’d be happier with a dad that’s alive rather thank thinking her dad died a deadbeat.

  8. The north korean girl who made it to the final literally got handicapped hard by the shattering of glass after the glass bridge game ended. She got done dirty real bad.

  9. Kinda crazy that he didn’t get his friends brother out of the orphanage for a year. He just mopes around, leaving this kid in an orphanage wondering where his sister is for a year.

    And then he doesn’t even reunite him with his mother. I guess they wanted to keep a somber tone and not give us too much hope or happiness since that wasn’t the tone of the series.

  10. I do hope there wont be any second season to ruin the perfection of this first and unique season. But Man is who he is, and always misses perfection for when reached, he always wants to go further.


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