Squid Game Episode 1 Reaction!!! | Red Light, Green Light

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Jeff, Tobz and Rj react to Squid Game Episode 1
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32 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 1 Reaction!!! | Red Light, Green Light”

  1. Lol @ "they already signed the papers, so they can't back out of this." It's an illegal enterprise so the papers mean nothing… though it's a clever psychological tool of course.

  2. One thing I loved about this show. They have rules and follows it. Other similar movies they always kill the winner at the end but not this one. Winner gets what was promised and no tricks

  3. Dear everyone

    I'm Korean
    Squid game is plagiarism from Japanese comic Kaiji.Impressive scene, shocking development, touching scene can be said to all have been brought from Kaiji.

    If you're a Japanese manga anime fan, I strongly recommend watching the ultimate survivor Kaiji.
    Then you'll know if it's plagiarism

  4. Love that the man in the middle was so upset by the killings. Many people hardly bat an eyelash when watching violence, so my interpretation is that he's someone super cool and empathetic <3 Love you, man in the middle.

  5. Great reaction guys. Yes bit of a slow start, but bear with it because they are giving you a bit of information how the main character Seong Gi-Hun got into his situation and his serious gambling addition, being a bum and taking his mother for granted, but a genuine love for his daughter and vice versa. I think culturally the S.Koreans are more trusting and didn't think they were going to die, it being a kids game. Interesting your comment on the game in the beginning wondering if it will be played somewhere or at the end – guess you'll have to wait and see.๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ I think we watched it nearly two weeks ago over 2 days – instantly hooked. I won't give away any spoilers. Trust me, it keeps on getting better.


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