Squid Game | Episode 1 (Review)

Squid Game Episode 1- Green Light, Red Light was the perfect pilot for a Hunger Games show such as this. Korean is really winning with their awesome shows!!!
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47 thoughts on “Squid Game | Episode 1 (Review)”

  1. I just started watching this, nothing spoiled yet… but I have a prediction that old guy with the tumor has something to do with this….

    Guess I will find out in about 7 or 8 hours…

  2. okay um.. please stop trying to make cringe jokes you are really not doing good job at recapping. if this is the style of your channel then uhh, I guess I gotta find a dif channel. This was an anomaly tho was hoping for aquick recap because I haven't seen it yet and wanted to be able to talk to my friend bout it,.

  3. There is a movie just like squid game but it's only would you rather and you either kill urself or someone else by some strange way, but I think you should review that to it's obviously called Would your Rather

  4. when I first saw this episode I was like I don't want to watch a show about this loser. Then Hellas bitches get gun downed while a goon siping his brandy and i was like allright


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