Squid Game Episode 2: Hell REACTION

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48 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 2: Hell REACTION”

  1. It's called Hell because it showed how for a those few players… Real life outside of the game is more of a hell than the games. Or at least so they think and they go back..

  2. There is a misinterpretation In episode 2, in the conversation between Sang-woo and Ki-hoon, the word '선물(=sunmool)" has two meanings in Korean. Sang-woo failed as a future, but Ki-hoon understood it as a gift.

  3. But the girl was not stupid, hello, the character was a North Korean, separated from her mother and her brother who's at the center, desperate enough to do anything 😭😭

  4. This episode is called hell because they went back into their horrible hopeless life's.
    Their life's are the hell!
    So they went back to rejoin the game which is horrible as well but there they have at least hope!

  5. Unlike in other countries, where the check mark (✓) is correct and the X mark is wrong.

    In that case, the circle is (they want to continue the game) (circle mark is correct) and the X mark is that they decided to terminate the game.

  6. Yeah I dont think these guys have tasted anything close to being desperate and really only Ellie seems capable of real empathy to those whose fortunes and mistakes have led them there. Unfortunately I think alot of the nuances and truly emotional/philosophical/psychological conflicts of the show are gonna go over theyre heads.

  7. Ellie had the right idea. They're not really stupid, they're desperate, and desperation can make you do things and act on impulses you wouldn't normally do. And the episode is called "Hell" because each of the players have their own personal hell that they're going through in their normal lives. To be able to do something unorthodox and completely dangerous and insane for the one slim chance to have a better life, one without debt, where you can give yourself and your loved ones a better quality of life, if you're desperate enough, and you're reminded of your wall-to-wall shit life on the outside, there's no limit what you can put up with. They're leaving one hell to live out five more days of another hell as a last resort.

  8. People in the comments not liking how they called the characters stupid. But I enjoyed watching different perspectives on the same matter. That's why I watch reaction videos.

  9. Actually this is the reality
    Eventough the country is independent and good country but there's still lot of ppl living underground when the rich or powerful ppl ignore their existence
    Totally different with their drama or serial movie


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