SQUID GAME EPISODE 3 REACTION!! 1×3 "The Man With the Umbrella" Spoiler Review | Breakdown | 오징어게임

IT JUST GETS CRAZIER! Squid Game Ep 3 Reaction & Review sees a few players enter the next round — which promises equal doses of sweet and deadly — with hidden advantages (The Cookies Episode)…meanwhile, Jun-ho sneaks his way inside in search of his brother and the truth surrounding the game…
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46 thoughts on “SQUID GAME EPISODE 3 REACTION!! 1×3 "The Man With the Umbrella" Spoiler Review | Breakdown | 오징어게임”

  1. Wait, did anybody else notice in this reaction that when he see’s the umbrella in the honeycomb and the camera zooms in on him, the subtitles said “I’m screwed” while when I watched it, it said “I’m fucked”. Anybody able to explain this discrepancy?!

  2. The scariest thing is that kid who took off his mask was the leader of that squadron. And he didn’t even flinch a muscle or show any emotion to a gun in his face or even fear when his boss came to kill him.

    They really break these soldiers down to the point where they can’t even feel anything anymore. That’s just as tragic as what they do to the players.

  3. I get why people don’t like sang woo but he did what he did to survive if he didn’t do the things he did maybe none of them would of won because they would of quit and done all of that for nothing in a way he did his friend a favour

  4. "This is so brutal" See, the recipe is the same. But the way it's got to be handled (with correct amount of pressure) – is what helps keep it in shape, or breaks it? The way another human takes their life for losing the 'game' – may be, karma for the victim? :)100% you're right: "This is so brutal"

  5. This is a great show, but I have to disagree with what was expressed in this video
    The swing is arguably the best part of the playground, not the slide. Slide is a close second tho, then maybe monkey-bars.


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