Squid Game Episode 3: The Man with the Umbrella REACTION

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44 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 3: The Man with the Umbrella REACTION”

  1. Oh, Magy… I have just seen ep 6 "Gganbu"… it's better than the previous 5 combined. I don't think I ever cried so much to any just one episode, of anything else ever! If you haven't gotten that far… brace yourself, and refill that supply of napkins.
    I cried like Arthur Fleck when he learned the truth about his mother! My nose is running! Did not expect this fkin shait – understatement! Hit me like COVID hit Italy! Total fkin surprise! The weird part is that I anticipated how they will play the game, while none of the characters did, but… F@ck me!

  2. (no spoilers in this comment) This game was a lot less movement than the first game, but just as much tension. It was SO TENSE!

    P.S. if possible can you put your Squid Game reaction videos in a playlist? It's just easier to find the videos that way. Thank you! Im really enjoying your videos, so can't wait for the next one!

  3. Woah, last episode I complained about muted scenes, now the scenes are all with sound (just scenes with music are more muted but thats understandable due to copyright), AWESOME!!!! 10/10 reaction

  4. Hi Magy.. i just found out.. That next year (So 2022)

    A New Game of Thrones Serie
    Is coming. Called.

    "House of the Dragon"

    Which takes place 200 Years before the main Show.


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