Squid Game Episode 4: Stick to the Team REACTION

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45 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 4: Stick to the Team REACTION”

  1. It's a Korean way of testing your self-control… and you failed. LoL
    Also, your reaction to the sudden cut to end (What? Seriousely? You can't end like that!) was precious.

  2. Please react to TV Series from Netflix called Alice In Borderland Season 1, too. This series released in 2020 and have a similar stories like Squid Game. In matter of fact, Alice In Borderland is more darker, more scarier, more intense, more terrifying, more heart-broken and more unpredictable than Squid Game. It based on japanese anime (manga)

    Trailer 2: https://youtu.be/EEJ7nUvXUYA

  3. I'm Korean.

    Do not speak English well

    I am a person who watches a lot of reaction videos on YouTube for a long time.

    I subscribed to your channel a long time ago

    I've been watching your videos for a long time

    Thank you for watching Squid Game ^^

  4. At first, I thought it was just a drama for quick entertainment, but the more I watched it, the more interesting the story got, and surprised at how well it portrayed human emotions.
    When I saw the trailer, I didn’t know it was going to be this good.
    It is my favorite drama in recent years. It has been a week and I still haven't got over it, continuously watching people's reactions.

  5. Hey magy! , As always i enjoyed and appreciated your awesome reactions. squid game is definitely becoming a phenomenon if not already.the series sends chills down my spine with every episode!

  6. The last sequence of this episode was so tense, exciting, nail biting edge of your seat! Their team was weaker, had to go with a strategy, their lives are at stake, and the possibility of death was real. That last sequence was SO GOOD that it was better than most two hour movies!!

    Your reaction at the end when they ended the episode LOL priceless!!

    Also, in episode 2 Hell, Ali yelled at his boss that he couldn't even go to the hospital (or get treatment) for his fingers, presumably lost when he was working at that place. I know a lot of people missed it because it happened so quickly, but he did show his hand missing his two fingers. I also missed it the first time I saw it


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