Squid Game Episode 6 Reaction – 오징어게임- 1×6 "Gganbu"

Squid Game (오징어게임) Episode 6 Spoiler Review/Reaction!
Let me know what you guys are thinking!!
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34 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 6 Reaction – 오징어게임- 1×6 "Gganbu"”

  1. I so loved your reactions..its so genuine and so real…. it feels like i had totally same reactions like you did.. i had watch your videos many times already and still i feel so amaze with your reactions.. im a fan now..and proud new subscriber here bcoz of this video ❤❤❤

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    일제강점기 시절
    '무궁화꽃이피었습니다' 게임은
    독립운동이 피어나든이
    무궁화 꽃이 피어났으니
    피어난 것을 일제가 모르게 해야한다는 선현의 지혜가 담긴 아이의 놀이임을…

  3. It is of great significance to call men "Hyeong" in Korea. Korea values age. There are many ways to call older people even if they are one year old. Among them, the most familiar expression is "Hyeong." (For example, Sang-woo and Ki-hoon naturally call Ki-hoon "brother" because they grew up together when they were young.) When someone calls me Hyeong, I feel some kind of responsibility and take care of him. When I call someone a brother, I rely on him in many ways. Ali first called Sangwoo "the boss." At the end ,Although the caption only says "Sangwoo", but the last name Ali called Sangwoo was "Sangwoo-Hyeong." That's why we were sadder.


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