Squid Game Episode 6 Reaction & Review | im tired

this episode, broke my heart a lot, that’s all I can say..

Rip Ali
Rip Grandpa
Rip Ji-yeong

Fu cho

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33 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 6 Reaction & Review | im tired”

  1. When the players were starting to pair up for the marbles game, Ji-yeong suggests that she and Sae-byeok should be partners. Sae-byeok asks why? Ji-yeong responds, 'I'll make sure you win.' She kept her word.

  2. Most people do not understand the show well.

    Ali is not naive. He is actually very calculative. Ali knew that he will be killed even if he had 19 marbles. SW told Ali his plan. Ali was skeptical until SW said that he will give his last marble to Ali for safekeeping once he returns from the survey.

    Of course Ali will agree. With 20 marbles in his pouch, he need not worry whether SW projection will come true or not.

    Unfortunately, Ali was distracted by the machine gun shot and SW managed to switch the pouches.

    As I have mentioned above, please do not think that Ali is naive. To win the last marble, that is the only way. SW would never have given up his last marble.

  3. Your use of the word "stupid" for certain characters and the use of the word "boring" pertaining to the episode as a whole were both really inaccurate. Not sure if its a language barrier thing or perhaps just a zoomer thing, but these concepts are completely the opposite of reality. Stupid is not the same as "naive" or "innocent/trusting". And boring is not the same as "captivating" or "intense". Hope this helps.

  4. while i watched this ep i liked ali but was like- I sympathise with you and all but you dumb. the other guy was correct to fool him in his own right.


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