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33 thoughts on “SQUID GAME EPISODE 7 FIRST REACTION!! || 1×7 VIPs!”

  1. Nick: “i was so attached to the characters i was so shocked to see them go, especially the old man”

    me: honey, you’ve got a big storm comin😭

    (don’t spoil)

  2. You know I'm super confused because I thought I had already watched you watch the end and then I get this notice that you're only on the 7th episode as of 3 hours ago and then I click it and it says it was 3 days ago and I was like yeah that sounds more accurate

  3. In regards to the husband and wife team, I wonder if it wasn't decided between them, or the wife maybe tricked him into surviving like the way things turned out in the team of girls last episode, or maybe she even just pushed her own marbles into his hand like the old man did. He very obviously cherished his wife over the money so I doubt he tried to take her life. I dunno, just my head canon I guess. That sort of self sacrificing idea sits better with me than him killing his wife on purpose and then trying to give up the money that this was all for and then killing himself anyway, if he could have just let her get through instead. I prefer thinking he had no choice.

  4. I don’t know how actually far it is from one to the other. But couldn’t some have tried to jump lightly over to the panel but stay close to the edge where the beam is? I haven’t really thought this through it was just a fleeting thought

  5. So far, there have been many games where men have an advantage. It must have been difficult for a woman to survive in this survival alone. so It must have been a calculated decision to save the husband among the married couple. Although it was meaningless, it must have been a strategy for surviving until the end

  6. The sick part is there probably ARE clubs like this around the world. Killing for the entertainment of the richest of the rich. Epstein's island, etc. This, hunger games, Hostile, all that tells a similar story.

  7. I feel like the VIPs in this episode represent us as the audience who watch the show. It’s like saying we find messed up entertainment by just watching these people risk their lives for money.

  8. When that fat V.I.P. said "What pretty eyes you have", Nick said the perfect thing "Reminds me of a wolf".
    It's true. He quoted from the Little Red Riding Hood storybook, he has a wolf mask, and he's acting like a predator.

  9. If you think back to episode 2 they foreshadowed Deok-su and ali's deaths. Deok-su jumps off the bridge. He dies by falling off the bridge here. Ali steals money from his boss dies by ultimately having his marbles stolen from him


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