SQUID GAME EPISODE 7 REACTION!! 1×7 "VIPs" Spoiler Review | Breakdown | 오징어게임

JUST WHEN WE THOUGHT IT COULDN’T GET MORE TWISTED! Squid Game Season 1 Ep 7 Reaction & Review Today sees The Masked Leader welcoming VIP guests to the facility for a front-row viewing of the show (Crossing A Glass Bridge) – and in the fifth game, some players begin to crack under pressure…
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31 thoughts on “SQUID GAME EPISODE 7 REACTION!! 1×7 "VIPs" Spoiler Review | Breakdown | 오징어게임”

  1. 22:40 everyone is the main protagonist in their own stories, so it's awesome to that what they believe is their strongest suit/character/personality ended up being hubris to another person's point of view.

  2. This is the tip on how to survive the glass steps. When they tell you take off your shoes, you should take off your jacket and tie a knot at the bottom and stuff your shoes inside the jacket to create a makeshift club. After you done that, you use it to beat the glass to determine which one is safe and which is dangerous.

  3. I hated the glass blowing up without the game runners ordering the survivors to stand in line and watch because that inherently gave an unfair advantage to the people furthest from the glass. It completely contradicts everything the game runners say going into that moment, IMO.

  4. The VIPs' acting and their lines are really corny and unnatural compared to the rest of the show in Korean and I cringed during their performance… But then that's what I've felt as a Korean person when I watched depictions of Korea or Koreans in Hollywood shows and movies for the longest time. It's interesting to see a lot of Americans and other english speaking people feel that for a change XD

  5. Pontang: There are centuries-old puntang shops in southern Fujian. They are called "honeycomb candy", "da pear cake" and "ginger candy" in northern China. They all do the same thing. Friends in Tianjin must not think that this is Korean. It is Tianjin's "Dali Cake". It was called "Camero" in Japan, and they are all the same thing, which originated from the court cakes of the Song Dynasty in China more than 800 years ago.。。。

  6. She may have been an utterly terrible person, but shoutout to 212 for finally getting rid of Deok-su. Also:
    Unexpected GOATs of the episode? Math teacher and glassmaker.

  7. kkagdugi-korean radish kimchi
    A metaphorical term for a person who cannot fit into either side
    Why is it called 'Kkakdugi'? This word comes from the fact that when slicing radishes to make kkakdugi, the tip is cut into a chamfer rather than square. Kkakdugi was created from the attitude of not throwing away the different shapes and mixing them all together to make kkakdugi, even if there are children who are difficult to play with, and not leaving them behind. Yes. We always put kkakdugi.

  8. I would of had got another person on a safe glass and have the other stretch out as far as they can while holding on to there hand as they lean across to somehow test the next panel while being a least still half on the current glass plane and hopefully don't let go and hopefully pull the person back as it breaks….i was thinking of tying the shoes together into a flail swinging it around then hitting the next glass panel….but they don't have shoe laces i think…and are deliberately light weight or that reason as well.

    Better yet make a rope out of the clothes they are wearing tie it onto one guy or girl at the front to be a checker of the panels have two behind him hopefully on sperate safe panels and one on another safe panel to allow two on there if the checker falls the rest at the end ready to pull as the glass breaks and hope the rope of clothes is strong enough to support the person….preferable a light weight woman has to be in front….

  9. Have liked your Squid game complete reviews 1-9..Been waiting for you to finish it. Your reactions have been great and funny! That guy is good, he's Cobra commander..must be the mask..he's Stormshadow!

  10. I love this show but I couldn’t stand the actors playing the VIPs!! So corny!

    Also, this is a small thing, each of them got cut directly below the eye after the explosion? Big coincidence no? All getting sliced in the exact same spot?

  11. I think them stopping the glass maker from checking the glass is totally against the game and what Il Nam would want right?
    I know they for story purposes wanted it to be our three main characters as the final three. But the games were supposed to be 'fair'. What He was doing was legitimate and fair.

  12. I finished the series last night and literally cheered out loud while sitting by myself in my living room when Deok-su went down. I was thirsting for his demise and it was incredibly satisfying and poetic. This whole series was pure genius from beginning to end.

  13. I was like, how could Gi-Hun not know if it it was left or right on the first panel, bu honestly based on the first episode, watching 15 people do something your life will depend on and then when it's your turn having no clue how to do it is a very Gi-Hun move. 😂


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