Squid Game Episode 7 "VIPs" Reaction & Review!! – FIRST TIME WATCHING

This is our reaction to Squid Game Episode 7 “VIPs”. The Masked Leader welcomes VIP guests to the facility for a front-row viewing of the show; in the fifth game, some players crack under the pressure.

*This video is for commentary and criticism only and is not a replacement for watching Squid Game which is available on Netflix.*

00:00 Intro
03:24 Reaction
19:33 Episode Review

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Intro/Outro Song: Always Dreaming – Same Town Forever
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20 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 7 "VIPs" Reaction & Review!! – FIRST TIME WATCHING”

  1. Not worth knowing your names because the dude has definitely pre watched the episodes because he is batting 100 on predicting the reveals while letting his wife’s blind watch commentary set him up for his “intelligent guesses.” If you really watch his facial expressions and pay attention to his laughs, he is just waiting for his wife to ask the questions that he already knows the answer to….. pretty easy observation….

  2. I have a math problem with this episode, the numbers don't jive..

    80 players entered the tug of war game and half died, leaving 40 players remaining.
    Then they killed the doctor player, leaving 39 players remaining.
    Then Bitch Face woman didn't have a partner and was granted a pass, leaving 38 players remaining.
    38 players entered the marble game and half died, leaving 19 players remaining.
    Then they reinstated Bitch Face woman, leaving 20 players remaining.
    Then Husband player hung himself, leaving 19 players remaining for the glass bridge game…
    Why do I have two more people alive than the show does? Anyone?

  3. Player #1 has to be that first VIP in the fox mask.
    How the hell did Player #456 still have a marble? They had to turn them in.
    And what happened to the childhood games? What the hell is this glass bridge of death bullshit? I must have been sick that week when the neighborhood kids played it.
    This episode made me angry. It doesn't make sense, in so many ways. I feel this is my Jumped the Shark episode. I am not enthusiastic at all about watching the final episodes. Bah.

  4. The guy should’ve thrown the marble on the platform he was standing on first, then on one of the ones in front. Then he could’ve seen if the one in front sounds the same or different to the one he stood on

  5. I wanna point out one thing: When VIPs arrived, they mentioned something along the line of "South Korean game is the best one to me", which suggests that this kind of game is happening in multiple countries and there are a lot more people watching.


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