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28 thoughts on “SQUID GAME EPISODE 8 FIRST REACTION!! || 1×8 Front Man!”

  1. The part which angered me the most abt her death wasnt sangwoo, but the fact that her injury was inflicted from the previous game bc they went and blew up the glass just to (assumingly) entertain the VIPs to the very end with the "grand" ending of the glass game. I mean they werent gonna run back to the other side or anything and blowing up the set wouldnt guarantee the members dying/getting severely injured like the fight scene during the night btw all the contestants in the previous episodes. Her injury ended up being an accident (although the game masters obv dont care even if it was unintentional to harm them) which was why i was pretty upset. Had that accidnet not happened, she definitely would have made it to the last game at the very least cause sangwoo wouldnt have been able to get the jump on her. Plus i think he fell asleep (hence him letting his guard down and dropping his knife) but when the main character went to get help, his cries for help woke up sangwoo.
    Unfortunately with that injury and the amount of blood lost (already on the verge of passing out) she wouldnt have lasted very long or even till the end of the final game, or would have gotten eliminated in the final game given she would have passed out and it'd be hard to the main character to protect both himself and her. Only way i could see her surviving is if she got treatment asap. But they shoulda voted to split the money; majority vote wins so 2 vs 1, they'd still leave being millionares.

  2. gihun & saebyeok had such a beautiful dad-daughter relationship by the end. they needed each other so much and it’s heartbreaking for gihun to lose her like he did his daughter & for saebyeok to lose him like she did her dad.

  3. I think Sang-Woo also killed her because he knew she was injured and said she wanted to go home and they ran the risk of out voting him 2 to 1 to end the game to make sure she gets saved so he saw an opportunity and took it again like he's been doing loll so evil


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