Squid Game Episode 8 "Front Man" Reaction & Review!! – FIRST TIME WATCHING

This is our reaction to Squid Game Episode 8 “Front Man” Ahead of the last round, distrust and disgust run deep among the finalists. Jun-ho makes a getaway, determined to expose the game’s dirty secrets.

*This video is for commentary and criticism only and is not a replacement for watching Squid Game which is available on Netflix.*

00:00 Intro
03:08 Reaction
11:28 Episode Review

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41 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 8 "Front Man" Reaction & Review!! – FIRST TIME WATCHING”

  1. I cannot believe non of the reactors recognize the actor Lee Byung Hyun as missing brother/ Front Man. He's been in so many Hollywood movies. You said "why he shoot his brother on the shoulder not on the face?". Really? You would shoot your brother on the face? I wouldn't even though he's guilty for something…..

  2. I hated her death. The glass wound should have been tended to. She won the last round, the glass shard impaling her wasn't her fault. They should have given her medical attention.

  3. This reaction was so genuine and matched mine to the tea! It was the shock of seeing the coffin thinking oh no she already died then realizing he had actually killed her. That was devastating.

  4. One thing I hope for the cop, whether he's alive or not, is that he somehow dropped or let go of the phone n it might hav stayed there hanging by a cliff or where the cop was standing b4 he fell instead of it going into the water. Then again, I'm not sure if getting shot in the soldier will cause one's arm to lose their grip right away or overtime 🤔

  5. Oh wow americans really think you can just survive a gunshot (guess that's how the police violence get somehow through)

    Guns are made to kill buddies …

    Now however there are 2 possible scenarios for plot armor how he might survive, if there would ever be a 2nd season, which would be surprising

  6. How the hell did you assume that his brother was the front man? You guys got spoiled or something lol. I thought they made it extremely vague and it was a complete surprise for everyone

  7. Front Man (main antagonist)
    Guards (secondary antagonists)
    Oh Il-Nam (minor antagonist)
    Deuk-Su and his gang (major antagonists)
    VIPs (primary antagonists)
    Sang-Woo (central antagonist)

  8. In the Marble game, the girl pickpocket played against said something like "Do you know that movie with Lee Byung-Hun?" In this episode we finally see Frontman's face, and he is played by Lee Byung-Hun

  9. It's so funny to read everyone's perspectives. Not everything is black or white people.

    My opinion is Sangwoo is no more ruthless than the other players (including Main Character), He a REALIST and survivor.

    Contrary to MC who coast through most of the ordeal by letting (or benefiting from) others "dirty" their hands, SW realises early one that there can only be ONE winner (the prize is 45'6mio, not a fraction of it..).
    He also realises that after they All come back to participate in the game (knowing all the risks and having been given the chance to turn away) it would be pretty impossible to invoque the 3rd clause to stop the game as all the players who came back already decided they were ready to die for the money (including him).

    From that point on, he did all he could to survive.


    I do agree that overall MC had more heart and compassion but his character is unrealistic, if this was real life he would never survive and be dead in episode 1.

  10. 영어가 참 아쉬운게 형, 누나, 동생의 개념이 없음
    이병헌이 경찰의 친형인데 자막에는 '인호'라고 나오니
    영상보는 저 두분은 아마 대장이 경찰 매수하려는 모습으로 보였을것임

  11. Sangwoo wanted the money. He had to kill the girl if he wanted to win because the other two could have voted in majority to walk away if she is close enough to death. Then Sangwoo would get nothing.


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