Squid Game Episode 8: Front Man REACTION

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44 thoughts on “Squid Game Episode 8: Front Man REACTION”

  1. Sang Woo is the most realistic character there. The creator and the cast even says that. Realtalk most people will do that inorder to live. Not exactly what he did but when your life is on the line you need to do everything to survive. Sang Woo sets his goal from the start. The only player who really wants to win and change his life. He is the most determined and fearful to do everything just to win it all. They are not there to make friends. They will all die anyways.

  2. I know im late but:
    The guards wouldn't let Gi-hun kill Sang-woo because they needed him alive to play the final game. If he did kill him then, then Gi-hun would have already won and they wouldnt be able to play the final game.
    They left them with knives because they needed only 2 people for the final game (offense vs defense) so needed one of them to die.
    They were relying on one person dieing (probably waiting outside the room which is why they were there so quick) but couldnt let the final game be jeopardized

  3. Sangwoo is atypical of Wall Street and cutthroat business types who will step on anyone to get to the top. Even shifting the rules to their own favor within the bound of legal technicality like how he cheated Ali, but played by rules.

  4. This movie is definitely about both human relationships and human nature. They go hand in hand.

    Also, I see a lot of comments saying that non-Koreans don't know who Lee Byung-Hun is. Guys, he's been in a TON of movies in the US. So at the very least many of us here know his face. I can't speak for other places.

  5. The frontman is a top actor that anyone knows in Korea. Any Korean would have had goosebumps when he came out. Because no one expected it. It's sad that foreigners can't feel the goosebumps together.

  6. I think point man has an intriguing duality, the mirror scene when he sees his brother, another ghost added to his already full closet of ghosts. Think about it, he won before, such a thing would change anyone. Now he wears the mask and takes the role of Point Man because to see his true self in the mirror is painful beyond measure. He is the Point Man now, the representation of dissassociation, the result of doing what you have to for survival.

  7. The discussion at the end was good. I think the guy was wrong to say that her theory about it being about human relationships was incorrect. I know that they haven't seen the last episode yet, but even from the beginning of the story what makes Squid Game different from other "survival game" media is how personally we feel connected to the cast. His idea that it's about uncovering human nature isn't wrong, but it was wrong to reject her theory so openly. I'm curious to see what they'll say after watching the last episode.

  8. 계속 토론해봐야 인간은 원래 매우 이기적이라는건 변하지 않는 사실이고 자기 이익에 반하면 무슨 짓이든 할 수 있어.
    문명으로 포장해서 애써 감출뿐이지.

  9. She is right, at least with the bully dude, you knew where he stood. It was all about him and he really didn’t care about others. But the main character’s best friend tried to act like he cared about people but playing them all along. He is a snake in the grass.

  10. 1% vs 99% ,have vs have not ,it’s popular genre already like parasite and squid game.but this is show,,mostly life is not always fanatical or dramatical. Our neighbors are not enemies.Viewers need to be careful not to emotionally manipulated.opinion leaders specially politicians enjoy this class division they often use political tactics for bring favorable votes to them.


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