SQUID GAME EPISODE 9 FINALE REACTION!! 1×9 "One Lucky Day" Spoiler Review | Breakdown | 오징어게임

BRING ON SEASON 2! Squid Game Ep 9 Reaction & Review today with plenty of surprises & a gripping Ending. It’s reveal the Old Man Il Nam is still alive & the one who created the game! The final round presents another cruel test, but, this time, how it ends depends on just one player (Gi-Hun, & Sang-Woo).
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48 thoughts on “SQUID GAME EPISODE 9 FINALE REACTION!! 1×9 "One Lucky Day" Spoiler Review | Breakdown | 오징어게임”

  1. Everyone always remember half 2021 because of squid game the squid game crazz, hype n all the squid game series is one of the best series in Netflix history ❤👀 Squid Game has become Netflix’s most popular series in Netflix history drawing 111 million fans since its debut less than four weeks congratulations to all the SG cast especially Lee Jung-jae he's performance was 🔥 ❤🤩

  2. 21:00 Y'all were fortunate that you didn't overthink things and "spoil" that part of the show for yourselves. And I really appreciate this particular aspect of your post mortem because it illuminates a lot of things that have been going on on a lot of reaction channels.

    I like that you recognize how an "innocuous" (and arguably "irresponsible") thumbnail could be a breadcrumb of a potential spoiler. A good number of folks have been "predicting" this aspect of the story from early on. But they haven't been disclosing the fact that thumbnails and memes and all manner of social media posts (including a lot of irritating YouTube comments) have teased that there's something more to the old man than meets the eye.

    As a result, they either have a preconceived notion of his character arc OR they watch his story line with an added bit of scrutiny. And what's worse, some have been "spoiling" it for their fellow reactors by calling the shot and trying to claim credit for their prescience.

    I won't name names or channels because I don't necessarily think they were being intentionally duplicitous. But I do think that they should've recognized (and publicly acknowledged) that they were privy to certain extra dots that they were connecting and/or thought twice before connecting them aloud.

    Anyway, good reaction throughout. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Watched so many reactions and it's crazy to me that people didn't get so mad at the old man as much as they got angry towards Sangwoo, when Sangwoo was literally in a situation to survive while this fvcking sick old man is making people play a literal survival game.

  4. Pontang: There are centuries-old puntang shops in southern Fujian. They are called "honeycomb candy", "da pear cake" and "ginger candy" in northern China. They all do the same thing. Friends in Tianjin must not think that this is Korean. It is Tianjin's "Dali Cake". It was called "Camero" in Japan, and they are all the same thing, which originated from the court cakes of the Song Dynasty in China more than 800 years ago.。

  5. I low-key wished Sang-Woo would win, he had that competitive side in him, but not an asshole like the gangster dude.
    I bet Gi-Hun will be the next Front Man cause he used to be on the green side (participant), but now he's the red guy.

  6. Lee Byung Hun is great in anything he's in. I was so excited seeing him revealed as Front Man. But also, man, Gi-Hun at the end. He started out goofy and a fool, weak in a way, but by the end it felt almost as if he was John Wick, not getting on that plane, gonna take them all on. Man, I can't wait for Season 2.

  7. NEW THEORY: Why are people so sure that Il-Nam is actually dead? He seemed to have died at exactly 12am which seems a bit too fitting. But here's the main clue which nobody has noticed yet: on the patient monitor, if you look at the top right of the screen it says "SENSOR OFF" and "LEAD OFF". Either the cables may have never been connected to Il-Nam or that he removed it while Gi-Hun  'won' the game as he was looking away. Have a look yourself. After all, his original 'death' was staged by Gi-Hun and all of us looking away. There is a precedence of foreshadowing already with how each player died according to an incident in their real life. Why can't this principle of foreshadowing apply again? That is, he staged his death twice. Why are we so confident we are not being fooled again if practically all of us missed it the first time? Il-Nam may have staged it for both Gi-Hun and the Frontman who arrives after Gi-Hun and closes his eyes. But perhaps Il-Nam played them both and staged it because that would mean in the next season both of them will clash but both of them think Il-Nam is dead which means they feel they can assert control over the game. Only for Il-Nam to reassert himself later in the series and declare that he was okay the whole time and that there is a greater game going on involving the two of them.

  8. I had suspicions about Il-Nam, particularly in episode 6 when his comment about Gi-Hun tricking him seemed … weird and suggested at least some of how he was acting was, well, acting.

    Also Train to Busan is f'in AMAZING. Looking forward to your reaction to it.

  9. I don’t get why people are saying the ending doesn’t fit. It shows that even thought Gi-Hun won, he doesn’t feel the same after experiencing it. I’m guessing that in the next season (if they have one), Gi-Hun will find a way to stop the games.


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