Hey everyone hope you enjoyed the reaction! This series was so investing for me and I honestly enjoyed it more than I ever could have imagined! Thanks to everyone for watching it with me!

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24 thoughts on “SQUID GAME EPISODE 9 FIRST REACTION!! || 1×9 One Lucky Day!”

  1. Finishing the season fun seeing people simping for the old man in previous episodes, and turned out he was a sick fucker in the end… (That old sick fucker basically relived his childhood game while around 440+ people got killed while his VIP asshole friends made bets who dies and who wins)
    You were so positive about him too, assuming the best until the last minute. When I saw the GGanba on the card already suspected he was an inside man/VIP. Gin also knew it then, the old guy alive means only one thing, he was angry from the first minute. I would love a glass hopper game with the VIPs 😀

  2. (long post but good read) The Series had foreshadowing and hints everywhere. (I typed this out once before on a different video)
    Ali stole from his employer when freed from the game the first time. He died from being stolen from in game.
    Sae-Byok threatens to slice a man’s throat and ends up getting her throat sliced by Sang-Woo.
    Deok-Su jumps off a bridge to escape the casino owners, and then gets pulled off of a bridge to his death.
    Sang-Woo has a failed suicide attempt in his bathtub, and then ultimately commits suicide soaking wet to give Gi-Hun the money to give to Sang-Woo’s mom.
    Gi-hun promised on his mom's life not to attack Sae-Byok once freed. He did so and the mom dies later.
    The old man had a ton of hints on him being the main guy
    Red light green light had him not being visible on the scanner screen. He didn't have a really bright glow around him and therefor was safe.
    tug-of-war – in the scene where he was laying down after they won, he was the only one that didn't have padlocks on his wrist
    He poured water on himself and acted sickly because he knew he was the odd one out in the marble game and would have been safe.
    No @/001 in the book when the detective looked.
    In a flashback scene where he put down the mask, his hands were old and wrinkled.
    Just a ton of attention to detail stuff … Even though they had it, I didn't see that final big twist coming.
    There is also a theory that the color of paper you pick for the game that gets you a card determines if you are a player (blue) or a guard (red). Both have set rules they must follow and even the guards seem like they don't have true power. They're locked in cells, identity concealed and a lot of other stuff.

  3. The whole concept reminds me of "Citizen Kane". The movie also was about a rich guy, who was dying and in his last word (Rosebud) there lies a secret and the secret is, that all the money he made in his life, all the success was meaningless, couldn't buy him back the happiness he had when he was a kid, before he got rich.


    There's a big clue that number 001 is the mastermind: before the marbles game the crazy lady is left behind in the room as nobody picked her, but that place was meant for him. It's understandable that he would want to exit the games at that precise point before things get extremely brutal or completely luck based: so he sat in a corner of the room looking all unstable mentally thinking that nobody would choose him. Him remaining in the room was his way to "exit" the games with the others thinking that he was going to be executed.

  5. Just fyi, there is a famous Korean novel titled "One Lucky Day" which is abt an alcoholic husband came home with his bedridden wife's favorite food only to find her dead. So the title was a forshadow

  6. yeah. truly the only character i have no empathy for in this show is il-nam. i did have empathy for him, and that last scene ALMOST left me with some empathy for him. but just the idea that he was this billionaire so out of touch from reality that he put people through these torturous games and never thought a second about who he was hurting makes me hate his guts. because it’s real. he’s just a soulless, selfish billionaire who cares for nothing but his own pleasure and himself. he only “rewarded” gihun because he felt it fun to play the game with him, when the whole time he knew he would face none of the games consequences.

  7. Enjoyed the show and the reaction videos! I'm really hoping for a season two, and some more characterization for some of the secondary characters (like the police officer's brother or the guy from The Train to Busan!). Great to see your kindhearted perspective!

  8. the vip dudes honestly sounded like the side characters in a sports/action anime describing everything that is going on in the game/fight, explaining powers or why the main characters do certain things, in a way I felt them a bit cringey


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