SQUID GAME LEFT ME SHOCKED… *Squid Game Episode 1 Reaction*

SQUID GAME LEFT ME SHOCKED… *Squid Game Episode 1 Reaction*
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In this video you get to watch along as I discover Squid Game for the first time! We previously watched other fun movies and now it’s time for us to watch and react to Squid Game. I haven’t seen anything regarding these movies so this will be my new reaction and commentary to Squid Game (2021).

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50 thoughts on “SQUID GAME LEFT ME SHOCKED… *Squid Game Episode 1 Reaction*”

  1. Once I went to go watcha horse race with my dad and he challenged me to guess what places the horses would come in (we didn't bet any money) and I guessed every single one right.

  2. people get mad at those moving but i thought it was a realistic reaction/ human instinct to panic and try to leave while others either immediately understood and played along or some are generally frozen by fear/ paralysed

  3. I loved your reaction to this. I watch a few reactors and while their reactions are different they were about the same in general feelings. Yours was so chill and 100% in line with mine while watching this show the first time lol

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    2. 한국의 도박시설은 나라에서 운영하며 금액한계가 정해져 있습니다. 도박에 빠지기 어려운 구조입니다.
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  5. https://youtu.be/ic_H7UOBnfQ
    The four actors who appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show.🦑🍿
    👆🏻💜Squid game, Lee Jung Jae news interview.(put English subtitles)😃
    JENNIE is in the drama, Squid Game. It's fun. LISA's music video.👭💚💰💵👸
    🍿 I recommend the movie that Lee Jung Jae starred in, Netflix Shinsegae.👍🏻😃

    👉🏻MONEY ( LISA's video upload.
    This is amazing.)🤘🏻🤩💵💵🎵

    YGX's dance is so cool. I like it. 👍👆🏻
    (Lisa made the choreography for the new song. Dancer Lee Jung and Jessie made the choreography for the)😊

  6. honestly if you're able to read along with subtitles, you always should. dubbed stuff, especially with real people, is so awkward

    also, little tip to help you out with conversions: korean won to us dollars is almost like taking 3 zero's off, of course it's not completely accurate but it's better than having to look it up each time. So 10,000 won is almost 10 dollars


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