Squid Game reaction Episode 4 Stick to the team

Squid game reaction and now it tug of war! Brutal!

Badd Medicine here and its Squid Game reaction time! This game is now tug of war! Just crazy being elevated that high to fall to your end. Gotta be honest, wasn’t sure if our team was going to make it. As you know by now, these games are getting intense. The Doctor is selling parts it seems and working with some of the pinks suits. How did this come about? And does boss know? What a crazy scene it was when everyone went to bed! We were just shocked. All set up too!

Folks, what was you reaction to squid game episode 4?

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0:00 – Squid game reaction intro
0:27 – Squid Game ep 1×4 reaction
13:07 – Squid game review

Squid game reaction episode 3: https://youtu.be/naUpmx_YUto
Squid game reaction episode 2: https://youtu.be/Pgq3eeqPBO8
Squid game reaction episode 1: https://youtu.be/iDLhhKDpJsc

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41 thoughts on “Squid Game reaction Episode 4 Stick to the team”

  1. Please react to TV Series from Netflix called Alice In Borderland Season 1, too. This series released in 2020 and have a similar stories like Squid Game. In matter of fact, Alice In Borderland is more darker, more scarier, more intense, more terrifying and more unpredictable than Squid Game. It based on japanese anime (manga)

    Trailer 2: https://youtu.be/EEJ7nUvXUYA

  2. Hope you don't come across any spoilers in the comment or online. Do not go to tiktok, there's tons of spoilers there.
    I was glad I watch it when it first came out in netflix without knowing anything about it.
    What made me decide to watch was the colorful set that make it look like Charlie and the chocolate factory.😅🤣
    Started on ep1 and binge watch it till the end until the next morning.😅
    What a well written and directed season1. There were no plans for season 2 but looks like it will have to now that the squid game is on fire globally.

  3. Yes there was a lot going on in this episode and it was so terrible and cruel to end it on a cliffhanger as this to the point where we jumped off the sofa and were like "NOOOOOO, sorry, I've got to see the next episode …" and went straight to Ep5.

    The fighting got out of hand because initially it was the thugs/gangster's (no.101's) group attacking another with the girl who snitched/grassed on him for and his group for taking the extra food, but I guess everyone got scared and started to join in or felt they had to protect themselves and some I guess wanted there to be less opposition, because they saw earlier there was no repercussions for no. 101 killing that man over the argument about food and drink and it was a quick way to eliminate more people. The strobe lighting was cruel, just enough light to let you see the horrors that were going down in the dark. The old man's pleas were heard and they put a stop to it.

    No. 212 'Han Mi-nyeo' was trying to get the gangster no. 101 'Jang Deok-su' to let her into his team as she was looking for protection even though she was also using him, telling him what he wanted to hear by stroking his ego, but he used her as well and got what he wanted, but she helped save his life in the honeycomb game with the lighter when she didn't have too, but he embarrassed and shamed her in front of everyone. You know the saying "hell have no fury like a woman scorned".🤷🏾‍♀️

    I loved the 'tug of war' game because it was SO INTENSE and the old man was giving the team MOTIVATION when the moral had dropped in the lift and the drums were rolling and his voice over it then the actions to his instructions were all amazing. The old man's strategy was perfect to a point, but maybe strength of the sexes kicked in and an old man on their side and they lost faith for a seconds, but let's see in Ep5 if Cho Sang-woo's quick thinking to let go of that rope and take a few steps forward works to let the other team fall and then pull.😬 I know the outcome, but cannot wait to see your faces. It's funny how many people said when both teams were lined up side-by-side before they went up in the lift, they would have broken a couple of ankles on the opposition, stomped on someone's toe etc etc – LOL!

    My daughter said earlier on she thinks if our main character '…Gi-Hun' had not picked the blue envelope when he was playing Djakji the flipping envelope game on the underground tube/subway where he was almost slapped to death and he chose the red envelope before the start of the game, would he have been one of the guards instead?🤔

    P.S. I had a theory right at the beginning in Ep1 and I was 100% right in Ep9, but I won't share it with you until the end as it will ruin it for everyone!

  4. The doctor knew the next game was gonna be tug of war and teamed up with the ganster guy to make a team of strong guys. So it did help the doc survive this round by having that info thru guards

  5. "I'll tell you how my team and I were able to win…"

    -5 minutes later
    " …then the next one should be on the left, all the way down the rope…"

    – 10 minutes later, everyone is dead
    " …and the last thing is the most important…."

    Oh come on, old man!!! 😥

  6. the square guard said they cant interrupt the voting (democracy blah blah) only..didnt say about killing each other..i think they knew he was a doctor that's why they recruited him secretly for their organ harvesting in exchange of giving him info about the game..great reaction vid!


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