Squid Game reaction Episode 6 Gganbu | Heartbreak city!

Squid game Gganbu reaction and this was just absolutely so heartbreaking for a first time watching!

Badd Medicine here and its Squid Game / 오징어 게임 반응 reaction time! Folks, you warned us about this episode, and it was hard episode to get through. What a fantastic series so far. Never thought marbles would have such a crazy ending for a game and for how simple these games are, you just dread going into play. We really can’t blame Seong Gi-Hun nor Cho Sang-Woo. Gotta stay alive and they did what they had to do. All of these players were in just a bad position from the start by picking someone they knew. Every time you think you know what will happen in squid game, they have a nice twist just waiting for you!

Folks, what was you reaction to squid game episode 6 Gganbu? Would you have done what Sang-Woo and Gi-Hun did?

squid game|오징어 게임 반응 1×6 reaction skip to:
0:00 – Squid game reaction intro
0:23 – Squid Game ep 1×6 Gganbu reaction
14:51 – Squid game Gganbu review

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38 thoughts on “Squid Game reaction Episode 6 Gganbu | Heartbreak city!”

  1. This has been the best video so far because your reactions were THE BEST, your stunned faces were priceless. I had a blast with every prediction you made whether it was wrong or right. I literally open youtube every day waiting for your videos. Great job guys!

  2. Guys once again great video… This just shows you how wicked man's heart truly is and the lust of the eyes….so I'm on the Next Episode, and it's the best so far .all I can say is wow…. And to whoever i said that this is not the wickedness of man's heart needs to remember if they can all go home if they vote…and remember that on this episode we just reviewed…they could have stopped it

  3. Sang Woo and Gi Hun basically won in the same manner, through deception. Sang Woo is very much a character that embodies "the end justifies the means". I also don't fault Ali for falling for his trick considering all the favors that Sang Woo showed him when no one else in his life ever did.

  4. I still think that a team could be saved because the rule said you need to get the 10 marbles of you’re opponent without violence they just could have swapped you didn’t need to give 20 marbles that wasn’t the rule.

  5. Fantastic episode! I cried a river. Can't wait for your reaction on the next one! That game for me is the most terrifying. Merely standing there would give me a heart attack. XD

  6. i loved that you two didn't judge Sang-Woo, like other people; since as you said it is a survival game and anyone can die.

    in my opinion: Sang-Woo is a character that represents the person in that type of situation, realistic, manipulative, etc; no one can know what kind of person you are until you show your true colors, no one is black or white, they are gray.

  7. 나는 하루만에 오징어게임을 다 봤지만, 나랑 같은 감정을 공유하고 싶어서 당신들의 비디오를 봅니다.
    다음화도 기대할게요.

  8. I was also low-key expecting that the "partnership" would be killing each other kind of game but I strongly opposed that feeling seeing how my favorite characters partnered up. That was the worst case scenario for me… and it happened. Man! Sometimes I wish I am wrong.

  9. Brutal, heartbreaking, endearing, amazing! These actors are incredible. I absolutely love it that Netflix is showcasing all these international amazing shows and movies. So much good stuff! As along as Netflix does this, I'm staying a subscriber! Keep it up, fellas! Next one is my favorite game ;).


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