SQUID GAME | S01E02 – "Hell" | Spoiler Review & Breakdown | 오징어 게임

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41 thoughts on “SQUID GAME | S01E02 – "Hell" | Spoiler Review & Breakdown | 오징어 게임”

  1. //spoilers of all 9 episodes ahead

    I read somewhere that the fate of the main characters was actually hinted in the 2nd episode itself

    – sae byeok threatened a person with a knife on their throat and she died by getting her neck slit by a knife
    – ali ran away will someone else's money, someone else took away ali's marbles
    – deoksu jumps off a bridge to save himself from the other goons, he dies by falling off a bridge (the glass bridge game)
    – sangwoo tries to drown himself and at last he dies by willingly committing suicide
    – gi hun swears on his mother and then breaks the promise, his mother is dead by the time he arrives home

    hatsoff to the story writer and the directors

  2. we have very open minded about talking about the darkness of our society in Korea. Check the D.P series in Netflix. It's about darkness of Korean Military. Our movies and t.v shows are not afraid of taking about the darkness of our society. we have millions of foreign workers from middle east, south Asia and Russia federation. they have much higher salaries than working in the Middle East Countries. they surely have some discrimination in Korea, but they usually feel safe working in Korea. Becasue we have warm hearts in naturally. we never invaded our neighbor countries for tens of thousands years. but China and Japan invaded us so many times from the past. we have kept our goodness from the past :). we have publicly been talking about the discrimination so now it has improved a lot than 1990's. they are willingly come to Korea hoping for better life for them and their kids. Still a few owners like in this movie but if they are legal workers in Korea, they get health insurance and their kids can go to school for free as the same as korean kids. one of our strong points is that we dig up the our problems in society and try to do something for the better.

  3. the coolest twist that no one seen it coming (at least from all the reaction I see and myself) all thought the old man would vote YES. and that is what make it brilliant, not only it is a twist that make ppl go oh what? , it also works into the story. that is a good twist than many movies/tv shows nowadays that have twist for the sake of twist, for shock value,

  4. Futures are a financial industry thing. Basically, it's a contract that you'll pay the current price for something, but you won't get it until later, at which point the price may have changed. So it's basically gambling on what the prices of the stock market will be in the future. (At least, that's how I understand it; financial stuff is just jargon on top of abstraction on top of more jargon.)

  5. the conditions of migrant workers is not as bad as you might think. Korean laws protect them well. Also, there are no guns in Korea except in the military. They are very rare. Even the cops don't carry guns. And North Koreans in SK are not treated in a back or white way. There is not as much hostility because of the laws but differences are there for sure.

  6. 2편은 제목을 잘 지었네.
    Hell.. 이거 진짜임.
    정말 저 돈이 탐나서 그러는게 아니라, 진짜로 이 게임을 한다면
    목숨 걸고 할 사람들 많을것임. 적어도 한국에서는…
    투표를 하고 내 보내줘도 다시 돌아온다는거…
    그만큼 한국이 경쟁이 치열하다는거. 진짜 현실이 지옥이라는거.
    어차피 현실에서 돈 없어서 죽으나, 저렇게 죽으나…

  7. I don’t know so much about stock as well…but as far as I know Future is like a you buy stocks in advance. So he ends up with a lot of debt. And for NK girl, since a war between SK and NK is technically not over yet. So there is no way that government suuport them to escape from there, then it will cause so many problem related to war. So NK ppl usually pay brokers to get throguh China or south east asia to get to SK. But once they arrive there, after several months of checking if they’re not suspicious like a spy, they’re free to live in SK as citizen. And it’s true that there is some prejudice towards them, but it’s not much like “garbage”. And about portraiting uncomfortable points of society, we don’t feel bad about it unless it’s a pure lie. If we want to hide it, there wouldn’t have been a parasite from the first place. Oscar, netflix..we don’t care.

  8. Its an interesting story choice to place a north Korean & a Pakistani together as they have similar histories on how they are treated on their home turf.
    Just as north Koreans gets insults from their south Korean countrymen due to their history, so do Pakistanis get discriminated against from Indians and vice versa dating from the formation of the two nations.
    Its a subtle commentary on unjustly punishing a person for being on the "wrong side" of the border…

  9. There's a plot hole 👍👍.In episode 7's 1st few minutes, they showed all games players gonna play was already drawn in the room at where the players are staying. And out of 456 players no one spotted that???

  10. 외국인들이 한국인에게 남한사람이냐 북한사람이냐 물어보면
    한국인들은 기본적이로 이상하게 생각한다
    왜냐면 북한사람들은 해외여행을 할 수 없다

  11. got to get into the culture. many foreigners are on korean variety shows and you get to hear their stories. a lot of africans are there but also italians, russians, chinese, etc etc. got to watch the real (reality shows) not the movies. of course the films arent going to showcase the bad lol unless they are trying to be topical like this show

  12. Lol you're completely right, the koreans didn't like the uncomfortable truth. They didn't like to be reminded that the majority are still racist towards darker skinned people, even if they are the same asian race.

  13. 09:45 The term 'Futures ' is a kind of a way of stock trading that bets on future price of stock. Normally because it uses very big leverage(debt), you can lose big money with just a small stock price changes. Sang-woo lost his money (6 Billion won (~5 Million USD)) because of Futures investment fail


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