Squid Game: Season 1 RECAP

The Korean phenomenon that all your friends are talking about, it’s Squid Game! Recap all of season 1 right here to prepare yourself for a possible season 2!

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This is the Squid Game Recap, Review, Explained, and Breakdown. We’ll find out if there will be a Squid Game Season 2 on Netflix.


48 thoughts on “Squid Game: Season 1 RECAP”

  1. Am I the only one who was completely underwhelmed by this show? Everything so predictable and straight up boring, just random violence for shock factor, no thanks. It's not necessarily bad, just completely unoriginal and overrated. But for everyone who enjoyed it, of course opinions are different and I think it's especially remarkable that korean films/shows are getting more and more global attention, they have such great movies and actors/actresses.

  2. Thank you so much! Heard about this show and checked it out but due to other things I couldn't finish the first episode so I gave up lol but luckily I am a subscriber so yeah I'm covered. Might watch it in the future still.

  3. hiiii ms rude's fiance!!!! tell her that shes awesome. you are too, but she's probably better. jk jk. great video! she talks about you (a lot) and you seem like a great guy.

    ♥️ one of her students from her ✨ favorite ✨ class period

  4. No one cares. Seriously. You are all going mental over a show that has been spoon fed to you using every technique from the Edvard Bernais playbook. Effing sheep. Wake up. I bet you all wear 2 masks too.

  5. Good show just not looking forward to season 2. Cop probably alive. Police chief probably in on the competition. And so the main character is gunna take down the competition. That's gunna be season 2. And probably.wont be as good as season 1.

  6. Until I looked at the current exchange rate of Korean won to American dollars, the seemingly huge sums of money in Squid Game was dizzying. Then you realize KRW10,000 is USD8.36. And, apparently, in South Korea they don’t have the IRS ‘cause you bet your ass in America if you suddenly had USD38,467,000 in your debit account, someone would notice. Still, the clever premise, excellent acting, and outstanding set design made these nine episodes well worth watching.


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