Squid Game The FINAL Episode 9: One Lucky Day REACTION

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24 thoughts on “Squid Game The FINAL Episode 9: One Lucky Day REACTION”

  1. Vicky (girl on far right) is right! It's also about humanity in him , u have to understand what kind of person GiHyun is as well, he ain't like Ali or Sangwoo or even SaeByeok, GiHyun even stayed for his friend dying instead of rushing to see his pregnant wife giving birth, his way of living has too many flaws but that's just the kind of person he is at least he ain't the devil even at the end he still trying to save Sangwoo his friend, so I understand why he want to stop this kind of game once and for all

  2. As a human being who has gone and continues to battle with depression and other issues it’s really not simple as saying, “Oh you know what I have things to do and take care of let me just you know, stop being sad and depressed and go do those things.” The whole thing about depression is that your not in the right mental capacity to really do or care much about anything. There are days when I’m just too tired or apathetic to even get up from my bed. Giving effort and caring about my own health is such an after thought in my mind at those times and there’s literally no way I can take care of anyone else and believe me I’ve tried. So the fact that Gi-Hun was in such a limbo and bad state after the games is extremely relatable and very realistic. And frankly I would really try to not speak about sensitive topics like depression or any other issue if you do not completely understand it (as you seem not to). It can be triggering and very upsetting to some people who go through these things and for many people like me, it’s a very real issue that people should not take lightly.

  3. The girl on the right understands where the main character is coming from. Most people don't recover from a psychological trauma of watching 400+ people massacred in front their eyes. Jack Black apparently has had intensive mind training in the kgb or something. And calling a morally profound person stupid is some pretty poor judgement.

  4. It's funny how leaving bags unattended in public keep worrying you guys.
    In Korea, you can also leave your laptop and everything in cafes and noone will ever touch them.
    The scene where the girl checks the sleeping guy on the street, anyone who has lived in Korea would instantly know she was just checking for id.

  5. 21:31 Gihun He started the game without realizing it. The rule was to wait until midnight while watching the life of a person freezing to death through the window. Already at that point, Gihun didn't know that he was doing something like a VIP.

  6. Food for thought: Anything the guys says at the end about Gi-Hun shirking his “responsibilities” and just looking at the sea for a year, say the same thing about a soldier that comes back from war. Or the sole survivor of a mass killing. This is literally how PTSD works. Too many people seem to think that PTSD is just some new psych buzzword for “oh he big sad 😢“ and that’s just not it my dude.

  7. Tbh i would be fine if was this was the real plot of Episode 1

    Before they start game 1 (Massacre)

    Square Guy: Welcome, we will play some kids game then if you lose and you will literally die on the spot.

    Crowd: Wtf, were going home lets do clause 3 everyone.

    Square Guy: We have 45.6 bil won in prize.

    Crowd: Okay, you've got our attentions.

    Square Guy: You know what no need to do clause 3 anymore. For those who want to gamble Life step up, For those who wants to leave get outta here we wont do second chance no more. The choice is yours.

    Crowd: Okay that's actually fair that you said all of these before murdering us like what to the other episode 1.

    Square Guy: Okay then lets go

    Some went home, Some Stay behind… No one massacred without knowing the actual rules like the other episode 1.

    Before they Start Game 1
    Crowd: We're ready Square Guy

    Square Guy: Understandable, Have a great game.

    Some died, Some survive

    🎶Fly me to the moon
    No Let me play among the stars🎶


  8. Omg this guy really said "But No, He will go into depression" 😳. Does he understand the meaning of depression. Even if you have responsibilities in life not everyone can cope up with this kind of stuff… Damn my guy just really said that.


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