Squid Game WOW! Squid game Episode 1 Reaction Red Light Green Light! | 오징어 게임 반응

First time watching and Holy crap Squid Game with the fire at the end. Squid Game Ep 1 Reaction.

Badd Medicine here and its reaction time. The most talked about show… Squad Game! Really looking forward to Squid Game ep 2. Hoping to win easy money, a broke & desperate Gi-hun agrees to take part in an enigmatic game. Not long into the first round, unforeseen horrors unfold culminating in a shocking ending. Lets just pick up about the last 15 mins. The squid game red light green light scene…. WOW! Why didn’t they just stop?! Some man is just doing this for fun? Has to be right? And is there really money at the end of all this? We are looking forward to seeing how long the old man can last. lol.

What was your squid game reaction 1×1? Thoughts on red light green light squid game? What’s your predictions (if you haven’t made it through all the way) for Squid Game episode 2?

squid game 1×1 reaction skip to:
0:00 – Squid Game
0:26 – Squid Game ep 1×1 reaction
14:48 – Squid game review

squid game episode 2 reaction: https://youtu.be/Pgq3eeqPBO8

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42 thoughts on “Squid Game WOW! Squid game Episode 1 Reaction Red Light Green Light! | 오징어 게임 반응”

  1. The fact that people willingly watch dubbed live action shows / movies boggles my mind. It's honestly disrespectful to the people that produced such an amazing series

  2. Great reaction.

    Yes a bit of a slow start, I didn't think it was boring, it gave you some background and to see how Seong Gi-Hun got into his situation, his selfish gambling addiction, taking his mother for granted and to see how far he is willing to take a gamble – is it worth his life and is it all for his daughter?

    Interesting you think Squid Game shown in the beginning will be the final game, but they did show the little boys playing it at the beginning in black and white – guess you'll have to wait and see.🤷🏾‍♀️

    Reading a few of the comments below, my preference was the subs' and in Korean, much better, but can understand some reactors find that difficult and reacting at the same time or for other reasons. I watched all 9 episodes over 2 days just over a week ago, so looking forward to what you think of the next 8. Quite a few reactors for Ep1 I've watched were all screaming for no.199 and jumping out of their seats when he made it and he must be as strong as anything to hold onto someone in mid-fall like that. 199 never had to save no. 456 Seong Gi-Hun. Yep, Gi-Hun got slapped the heck out of him during the 'Ddakji' game on the underground tube/subway station on his left cheek until it turned so red, that he forgot about the money in the end when he won and couldn't give up until he did and that's the problem right there, because that's the gambler inside him, he almost forgot about the win, the money.  


  3. There are a lot of deadly game films like it, but Squid Game stands out among the rest. Idk if it's "the best" cause I might be missing a lot of said films, but it just… makes sense? As far as I know, there isn't any plot holes, and yes. I agree with Quinn about the first half of the episode being a nice build-up for the later half. I enjoyed it, it introduced the main character well, and it set up the motive. I do get Dave, tho. It really was long. Usually, survival death games just throw the characters right into the game with little to no explanation at all. But it was a nice pace; it actually made me anticipate what could happen at any moment (AND properly like the MC despite of his flaws). Rarely happens with the others.

    The way you were saying "don't move," tho. Like, same. But I'm pretty sure I was more nervous. You guys didn't look tensed at all. I was biting my finger! 😂😂

  4. Was happy when I saw you react on Squid Game, but… why did you watch it in Eng dub? :')

    But I still wanna see your reactions so I'm gonna finish this (even tho it's painful for me lol). I also saw your comment that you'll watch the original Korean dub next time, so I'm really excited for that!

  5. I just binge watched this show based on my foster son's recommendation! HOLY COW! What a crazy, twisty ride! (You guys should check out "The Platform 2019." That's another crazy ass ride!

    Hmmm, maybe I'll watch it again in the original voice as it seems to be everyone's recommendation.

  6. Watched the whole thing yesterday and its all ive been thinking about since, such a good show, highly suggest you watch it in korean with subtitles though, that dub sounds awful. Even the dolls "red light, green light" sounds bad, in korean it sounds eerie as hell.

  7. I don't know how many people is watching this has ever been to Korea or are Korean but if you Korean I'm sure you will agree with me that you people gamble constantly.. everywhere there is slot machines in South Korea..

  8. Yeah I've great video and I don't even care for this squid game show but you're way more entertaining to me then this review… By no means take this wrong both of y'all are always welcome to my house down in the SIP..lol

  9. The dubbed version translation is very poorly done. The original script is very well written and the English translation is actually off. I believe you will appreciate watching it in the original language. So much better!


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