The Ending Of Squid Game Season 1 Explained

“Squid Game” is the newest Netflix-distributed television program that’s exploding in popularity. The South Korean thriller follows, Seong Gi-Hun, a single father deeply in debt, who gets the opportunity to compete in a deadly series of children’s games for a massive amount of money. Competing along with him are hundreds of other similarly debt-ridden individuals as they battle to stay alive and claim the grand prize. With a premise like that, it’s no surprise that “Squid Game” has a body count that makes “Game of Thrones” look tame, and the show has plenty of surprises to go along with all that violence. Here’s the ending of “Squid Game” explained.

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38 thoughts on “The Ending Of Squid Game Season 1 Explained”

  1. The ending was ridiculous. Even when this man has all the money he could possibly need he still finds a way to let his daughter down. The reason he went through the game in the first place was for his mother and daughter. He couldn't save his mom on time and he walks away from the opportunity to be closer to his daughter. It was just like in the beginning of the series when he promised her a million different things for her birthday and couldn't deliver on his promises. Now he has the means he STILL chose not to deliver on his promises. It suddenly became abt him and his ego trying to compensate for his survivor's guilt.

  2. No one would agree to kill each other and lose your humanity. The agreement much like most which is why there is blood sucking lawyers to make it as deceptive as possible.

  3. Gi-Hun..doesn't work hard….doesn't play by the rule…He stole his mom's money..never keep promises to his daughter…and gamble away is money and his life….How can you miss all that??? wow


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