THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE! – Squid Game Episode 3 Reaction

Suzy Lu & Steejo Reaction react to Squid Game. A group of 456 people from all walks of life are invited to play a series of children’s games with life-threatening consequences to have a chance to win a cash prize,
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35 thoughts on “THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE! – Squid Game Episode 3 Reaction”

  1. I will definitely watch you guys Game of Thrones reaction!!! Seasons 1 to 4, 5 debatable, are some of the most perfect storytelling, characters, the scale, action, etc. to ever air on TV

  2. You did not catch the ending correctly. The square who got shot was actually the supervisor who wanted to speak to him about his confusion. But at then ended up getting killed by the boss.

  3. Damn, Sang-Woo(218) is already gamin', and it's against his own "team".
    Not only did he withhold the information about the upcoming game/what he had pieced together, he also misled them. Hold his the team they should all choose different shapes. He knew that even though someone could still fail an easy shape, the chance of failure was massively increased for someone failing the umbrella. He went right for the "sure" kill, in the very first game after teaming up.

  4. I found the English translation of UK version is not good than the US version, the UK version is lack in details with Korean culture sometime.
    Very sorry for that you could not understand those real meanings when you were watching the shows with the UK version.

  5. for me from easy to hard honeycomb, its triangle, star, circle, then umbrella. triangle and star are just straight lines which are easy to crack when you made enough of a dent in it, circle is round so cracking it is really risky, and umbrella is self explanatory why its the hardest


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