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ज्याला मनापासून, प्रामाणिक व नम्रपणे चित्रपट क्षेत्रात काम करायचे आहे.. आणि ज्यांचे ध्येय हे फक्त चित्रपट क्षेत्रातच करिअर करणे हे आहे अशाच लोकानीं आमच्याशी संपर्क करावा. कारण …..
सक्सेसला शॉर्ट कट नसतो . तर हार्ड वर्क हाच एक मार्ग आपल्याला यशाकडे घेऊन जातो .
या आणि आमच्या टीम टी पी मध्ये सहभागी व्हा . टीम मेंबर होण्यासाठी कोणतेही चार्जेस नाहीत.
अट एकच… प्रचंड नम्रपणा आणि… प्रचंड हार्ड वर्क करण्याची तयारी ….
मग आम्ही आपणास नक्कीच तुमच्या स्वप्नांना सत्यात उतरवण्यास मदत करू.
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People who want to work sincerely, honestly, and humbly .. and only those whose goal is to make a career in the field of film should contact us. Because …..
Success is not a shortcut. So hard work is the only way to success.
Come and join our team TP. There are no charges for being a team member.
The only condition is … great humility and … a lot of hard work…
Then we will definitely help you to make your dreams come true.

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TP Marathi | Tejay Production | #मस्तचाललयंआमचंविनोदीमराठीमालिका | #MarathiComedySerial
TP Marathi | Tejay Production | मस्त चाललयं आमचं विनोदी मराठी मालिका | Marathi Comedy Serial
If you want to come into the film line as a career with serious and hard work and save yourself from fraud and all other problems in the film line, then meet us …. Please don’t come to us just for the time pass …

We have started this show especially with the aim of supporting and guiding the common poor, budding woodworking and farmer’s son in India to become a film star on the strength of their talent.
If you want to enter the film line as a career, you can join our group and work on projects with our production company. Definitely meet us once before you start your career in the film line…


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