VIPs | Squid Game: Episode 7 Reaction | First Time Watching!

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VIPs | Squid Game: Episode 7 Reaction | First Time Watching!

18 thoughts on “VIPs | Squid Game: Episode 7 Reaction | First Time Watching!”

  1. This is the tip on how to survive the glass steps. When they tell you take off your shoes, you should take off your jacket and tie a knot at the bottom and stuff your shoes inside the jacket to create a makeshift club. After you done that, you use it to beat the glass to determine which one is safe and which is dangerous.

  2. Completely agree, the writing for the VIPS is so cringe, and kills the emersion from the show. I’m assuming this was tailored to Koreans who wouldn’t understand the poor delivery of shitty lines. Was my only weak stance on the entire show!


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  4. I have to be honest that Cho Sang Woo is the only realistic person who understands the risk of life and death in Squid Game.

    At first I was really pissed at him for doing those actions to get his way, though at the same time I understand because I and anyone other people would have done the same action as he did when it comes down to saving yourself. It's suck that the old guy who was examining the glass pushed off, however, he was taking up time when the lights were off and Cho Sang has no choice but to push him off to save his own skin as well as the two people behind him. It's messed up that the majority see him as a villain which is too unrealistic and very black and white mindset.

    I'll ask you (and others) this question, would you have done the same as Cho Sang Woo?

  5. I think they shouldve kept the Cast of the VIPs korean, I kinda of think by bringing in the white people it killed the mood of the show plus the writing for them is horrible but besides that it's a phenomenal series

  6. Remember this was written by a man from the east & this was his portrayal of western men.

    I can only imagine how horrible some of our Hollywood Korean acting/writing is in our movies from them too watch.

  7. I think the VIP's bad writing is due to translation. Yes, they are the CRINGIEST thing in this series. But if you watch other films or shows around the world where the primary language is not english, it's going to sound not too good when the writers have a scene where english dialogue is presented. For example, one of my favorite Chinese film series is IP Man. I love the Cantonese dialogue. But whenever someone who speaks english comes along it feels cringe or weird. Hope this helps!


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